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  1. Cats are proud, Dogs are friendly!!
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  12. there goes my cooking oil..
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  14. kucing melompat bila dengar bunyi air freshner menyembur
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  17. Urine Spraying Success Story
  18. Pakcu need help
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  23. Changing the type of litterbox
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  25. musim mengawan ke??
  26. URGENT!need helpp!!!!
  27. Young kittens, do they need playmates of same age?
  28. catnip
  29. how to get cats to drink from a bottle ?
  30. How to stop the kittens from wondering outside the house?
  31. macam mane nak kurangkan hyperactif kucing?
  32. my kitten don't want to stay in the cage
  33. Yaya ni malas laaa..
  34. my kitty doesn't cover her feases anymore
  35. kucing ku prangai cm diva
  36. Cat scratching, grooming alot and bald patches
  37. Finally Sandy dh tau Poo n Pee kat mana
  38. kucing sy garang sgt..
  39. takot n geram!
  40. Cat having separation anxiety?
  41. ~My cat makan kena suap..
  42. kucing asyik begaduh
  43. macam mane nak train cat litter...
  44. Baru bawak balik 2 stray kitten
  45. poo poo terlekat di bulu2 bahagian punggung kucing
  46. tk layak jadi ibu.....
  47. Kenapa kucing saya tidak suka dipegang??
  48. si pencakar berjaya...help
  49. Bulu gugur
  50. Feliway - For my monsters!
  51. What's the correct way to say NO!!!???
  52. Truth or Myth: Cat knows that they are dying and stay/ran away from its master(s)
  53. LitterKwitter - Sophie Part 1
  54. automatic self-cleanin litter-box.
  55. urmmm.... ermmm... nak tanye kit leh....
  56. Mcm mane nak mendekati strays yg takot dgn manusia?
  57. petua dan pantang larang kucing
  58. male cat on heat??
  59. Kucing Tak Malu - Pelik
  60. Minta tolong- gaduh selepas setahun........
  61. Kawan-kawan boleh explain tak?
  62. My cat doesn't want to drink water
  63. IAMS Kitten::My kitten dah kurang makan.. Kenapa yer?
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  69. de-alpha-ing the alpha
  70. My cat started to poo on mattress
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  72. tolong masalah kitten kecil dan separuh dewasa
  73. Pop-Open Cat Carrier and Tiny Tunnel... For Cats
  74. Sapa2 yang berpengalaman dgn BSH x?boleh kongsi?because i think im losing my mind with her!
  75. kenapa kucing suka gigit tangan?
  76. kencing luar litterbox
  77. kenapa kucing bergaduh??
  78. Seriously Need an URGENT advice
  79. DISHARMONY! need help!
  80. Trash Crasher
  81. My cats have been messing up my neighbor's house
  82. Kenapa Kucing . . . =]
  83. Problematic parent (female cat)
  84. Introducing Isis. And her capability.
  85. Kittens poops & pee every where inside the house
  86. meowing issue
  87. my older cat over grooms my kitten
  88. 3 very very garang kittens...
  89. catnips
  90. bagaimana nak train kitten yg degil...:(
  91. Sharing: Cat's 9 Emotions
  92. should i giving up??
  93. To tame my adult cat
  94. Change of behavior after spayed
  95. Menetek kt kucing jantan
  96. Kucing Terkejut & Panik
  97. thinking to adopt another cat
  98. Toilet training issues
  99. Cat whisperer
  100. Ragdoll saya tak nak makan dan asyik mengeow T_T
  101. Help.. Kitten suka makan adult food.
  102. Need Help with Settling In a New Cat
  103. perangai kucing waktu makan
  104. Cat is scratching furniture....
  105. kucing jantan berumur 4 bulan asyik terkam kucing betina 2 bln
  106. WTB citikitty cat toilet training kit
  107. Buang Anak.. Please Help
  108. Need Help! Male Cat Having weird Behavior Issues.
  109. Cat hissing at new kitten
  110. Kenapa kucing tiba2 geget tuanya macam org asing
  111. Kucing Termenung =(
  112. kucing terlalu nakal
  113. Bahasa Tubuh Kucing
  114. Pernahkah anda tertanya-tanya bila agaknya anak kucing mula matang untuk mengawan ?