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  1. Dog With Tumor Abandoned
  2. Dogs being tortured to death...
  3. What the hell Dog Meal Business at China
  4. What a shame!
  5. She's so cunning!
  6. Please Help Dog in Miri
  7. .:: Inconsiderate HUmans! ::.
  8. Lin Guan Ying watchdog to kill by poison
  9. Women accused...
  10. May You Rot In Hell...
  11. Watch this if u dare !!!
  12. May You Rot In Hell 2
  13. May You Rot In Hell 3...
  14. Cat Trap
  15. Shame on you MyPet Distributer - USJ10 Subang Jaya
  16. Heartless and Ignorant Pet-Owner
  17. Boycott Cruel Restoran Aleef Caterers at TD129, TTDI Market
  18. Injured Cat Found.
  19. Animal Suffering for Human Benefit
  20. PETA vs IAMS
  21. Squirrel Smasher
  22. Guard dog vs padlocks
  23. What Good Is A Pet Food Class Action?-Susan Peters
  24. IamsCruelty.com
  25. Firms charged on 'toxic' pet food-news.bbc
  26. Dog Cruelty By MPSJ
  27. Got Conned into buying a sick dog
  28. Poor golden dog for sale by bad seller
  29. What An Arrogant Tyrant! Shame On You!
  30. Pet lovers protest cats on the menu in China
  31. Caution when using cages (not for the faint hearted)
  32. Shameless Man Resells Adopted Kitten
  33. "Why dog only"? Dog owners in Nilai must now get neighbour’s permission,
  34. Emaciated dog with inherited skin condition found wandering in Klang
  35. KITTENS used as bait.
  36. Now, Nilai council may impose licensing for cats
  37. DBKL Animal Cruelty
  38. Protest Animal Cruelty
  39. Dog Butchery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Cat and Dog Slaughter In China
  41. Catch DBKL Animal Cruelty
  42. Your donation already gone!
  43. Puppy rescued after being thrown out of car
  44. Awak Kenal Dia? Abai kucing, pemilik didakwa 4 tuduhan
  45. Protest Board. Download here
  46. UPM Cruelty to Animals
  47. More animal cruelty in least expected places!
  48. 2 type Pet Shop. you meet before?
  49. Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop
  50. Pulau Ketam & MPK Klang Dump Dogs in Uninhabited Island
  51. Dog poisoned while going for a walk: Please keep your pets on a leash
  52. Rescuing a pup from being feasted by vietnamese worker
  53. Mutilated Cats.....
  54. Richman's Dog - A Birthday Present turned misery
  55. Shame on you....
  56. Russian Restaurant Busted for Cooking Dogs
  57. 2009 Half Year Resolution
  58. Oh, humans are so cruel.
  59. - please adopt me -
  60. How To Choose An Ethical Vet
  61. Noise pollution at night
  62. Two legged dogs
  63. Dog left to die in a plastic bag
  64. South Korean People !!
  65. Do You Know There Are Dog & Cat Fur Product ??
  66. Bonsai Kitten...
  67. Kenal tak?
  68. Veterinarian who don't deserve to be one!!!
  69. Check tis out!!
  70. Cremated' dogs dumped in field
  71. DBKL buat hal lagi? - Finding Milo
  72. Beware of Cylos Siang***Selling sick dog
  73. Kittens Found Abused, Dead, Left In Front Of Their Mother
  74. Foie Gras - A Cruelty to Goose
  75. Kentucky Fried Cruelty
  76. Beward of Muhammad Aizat
  77. Cruel Neighbor!
  78. kucing street dijual?!!
  79. Chow bought from leeyapfei (kkdoggie) died of corona & parvo virus :(
  80. A Touching Story
  81. Cucu Maine Coon Pakcu- kitten Backyard breeder do trade through forum
  82. Ramai penipu
  83. Kepada Pakcu - kitten Backyard breeder do trade through forum
  84. Rude owners!
  85. Petting Zoo, a good idea?
  86. Feel Cheated
  87. MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty
  88. Poisoning my beloved Cat... CAT KILLER!
  89. Nasib seekor anak kucing
  90. Strip Of His Title Off
  91. Voiceless Dog -Wood Shoved Down Throat, Leg & Neck Tied Tight 2 Pole
  92. Beware of this suspicious and awful person in adopting pets!!
  93. Local councils among the biggest abusers
  94. Abandoned: 6 kittens n mother cat in bangsar
  95. Beware of this suspicious and awful person in adopting pets!!
  96. Unethical Pet Shop
  97. Scam by QQpoodles or Cyclos Siang!!!
  98. A Most Atrocious and Barbaric Act Towards Dogs in Bali
  99. For Free OR For Sale!
  100. Abused Tiger Show @ A'Famosa, Malacca
  101. God made animals for testing!
  102. Vietnamese workers killing stray cats for food in KL/PJ
  103. Liar! Cheating for having a cat!
  104. Witnessing a murder!
  105. Cylos Siang - Harassment & Abuse of PetFinder.my
  106. Eating Male Cat Meat!
  107. Saya Tertipu dgn EVESHARON41.. So The Others Beware..
  108. Accident Paralysed Dog Left Few Days 2 death @ Road Side
  109. Dispute Resolved - Dear Fluffy
  110. A cause for Moggie
  111. Pet shops and traders - cash crop!
  112. petshop di kajang terlalu teruk
  113. The woman, the cat and the wheelie bin...
  114. Pet Family in Taman Megah
  115. N N Pet House in Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya
  116. Irresponsible & Unconsiderate Adopter
  117. Don't you wish Malaysia has laws like this?
  118. The Girl , The Puppy, And The basket
  119. Dogs killed because they were hungry? yet birds rescued as they were underfed? Justice?
  120. Removal of MCFA Threads
  121. Beware of Simon L a bogus dog trainer from Melaka
  122. Encouraged the public to lodge reports if you "Suspect" knew of any Bogus Vets.or Petshop Fake Vet
  123. Pls pass this on or report to police !!!
  124. Removal of "What MCFA didn't tell you" Thread
  125. Ipoh City Council Shoots And Kills Elderly Person's Therapy Dog
  126. Hit-and-Run Case at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas
  127. crush video
  128. ade org cube nak menipu sy mbeli kucing ragdoll..
  129. Evil X-owner!
  130. Facebook video of Poodle abuse
  131. leecathy25@hotmail.com !!!
  132. Pet shop abuses their dogs for sale (PENANG)
  133. CCTV of cat abusing
  134. Living zombies
  135. Rascal didn't deserve this! Pjud@Hafizuddin, this one concerns YOU!
  136. Is this acceptable?
  138. Petknode Cat Boarding Nightmare
  139. Beware of con artist in OLX
  140. Think puppy mills don't exist in Malaysia?
  141. Cat Scalded Steamed Hot Water by Hawker Stall Owner
  142. Animal cruelty at its best!
  143. Dog Thrown Alived into Manhole, Cyberjaya
  144. Disgusting situation in Great Eastern Mall
  145. Terrible owner leaving dog under harsh weather
  146. May God bless these con artists or dishonest people...
  147. IMPORTANT. Be Watchful Of This Cat Adopter: "Eqin" or "NurKittyLover". Alert To All Cat Rescuers.
  148. Pet adoption from Cameroon scammer
  149. Dog drag on motorcycle
  150. Cruel adopter
  151. Share & shame this heartless man kill the dogs / cats
  152. Beware this cat adopter
  153. Cat Adopter lied about spaying
  154. Memakan kucing bukan satu kesalahan mengikut undang-undang negara.
  155. OMG ! Hati dan jantung kucing sangat lazat dimakan apabila digoreng
  156. Orang myanmar suka makan daging kucing ?
  157. Puppy abuse at One Pet Shop (Subang Jaya)
  158. Watch Out for the Rueben
  159. Adopter - big time liar
  160. Animal Abuse
  161. Neglected Labrador in Jade Hills, Kajang
  162. 2 pedigree dogs suffered & died in Wawasan, Puchong