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  1. d0odlez89
    06-23-2011 05:20 PM
    ooo.. gud luck vani... :)
  2. d0odlez89
    05-25-2011 08:14 PM
    hope u will get the loan for open the shop.. :)
  3. d0odlez89
    05-17-2011 11:51 PM
    im a girl.hehe.. btl2. buat byk2 tkt xterjaga sume.. just my dream nk bukak animal shelter.. tp tula.. lme lgi kot.hehe.. maybe just for cat.. if de worker yg blh handle dog blhla buat for dog. coz im muslim. i nak buat shelter ni coz i cian tgk animal yg tepi2 jalan.. dorg kelaparan sume. xde tmpt tggl.. kdg rasa nak amik je kucing tu klu jumpe. tp my mum xbagi. coz xde spe nk jg nnt cat tu. lgi kecian dorg nnt. terkurung. i bljr kat uitm puncak alam. for my degree in customer service.. :)
  4. d0odlez89
    05-13-2011 03:34 PM
    how ur loan? got it?? dont give up.. oo.okla if u de friend yg blh ajr groom tu.. why not u bljr dulu before u dapat kedai n pekerja.. then nnt u blh ajar u pny pekerja.. u nk bukak kedai area kl eh? n i de terpikir. why not u buat dulu boarding. skrg da nak dkt raya. mesti org nak tinggalkan anak2 bulus dorg kat tempat boarding.. before u continue to the next stage. i pon ada keignan nak bukak kedai related to animal.. but maybe like animal shelter for stray. i kecian tengok stray nih. tp just angan2 la.. coz i still bljr.hehe.. lme lagi nak tercapai impian tu.hehe.. but for u, dont give up. if da dpt buka kedai tu, buat betul2. dont let other complaint. nnt blh burukkan reputasi kedai u. then adv psl kedai u tu kat mana2. let other know that ur kedai exist.hehe.. just my opinion. :)
  5. d0odlez89
    05-11-2011 10:49 PM
    oo.. i slhla nih.. hehe.. ssh nak cri groomer..i thinkla.. u buatla adv kat mana2..yeke??
    cian u.. xpatutla tuan kedai tu buat camtu.. maybe u r right. other person give better offer to tuan kedai tu..for people cam tuan kedai tu money mainkn peranan penting. wlupon da janji dengan someone else.. dont give up.. i always believe that apa2 yang berlaku mesti ada hikmah kemudian hari...who know right..?
  6. d0odlez89
    05-10-2011 10:15 PM
    business idea? u can sell all pet stuff.. u pon da buat grooming tu. i think, u should focus more on that business first.. takut nnt byk2 business, xterhandle sume.. u buat grooming n sell pet stuff jela for the time being. that my suggestion la.. i pon xreti sgt psl business nih. hehe.. just giving an opinion.. :)
  7. d0odlez89
    04-21-2011 09:54 PM
    how ur business? da dpt partner?
  8. Marcelleve
    01-21-2011 01:27 AM
    It's ok. No problem. Good luck dear.


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