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Tham 07-12-2016 06:45 AM

Dog Kidnapped From Sri Hartamas Petronas Station
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This dog had been living at the Petronas station as Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, KL, for the past few months.

It was a familar sight to the motorists and residents there, many
of whom liked it and had been feeding it. upload

It may be an abandoned dog, as one motorist told me she observed it
chasing after Myvis, probably because its owner drove one.

It doesn't really have a name, so I called it ''Doggie'' or ''Bobby'',
which it responded to.

Apparently DBKL tried to catch it a few weeks ago, so I bought
a licence for it.

However, everytime I tried to tie the licence around it, it ran away,
probably thinking I was a DBKL man. The owner of a nearby
restaurant, Prep Room, which had also been feeding it, had no luck
either, running away from him as well each time he brought out
the collar with the licence.

It has now been stolen. I was told by the pump attendants that
one Chinese guy apparently threw a chain or net round it and
dragged it into his car, despite being bitten and bleeding badly,
the last two days or so.

I fear that this idiot may well be one of those dog meat lovers.

Tham 07-18-2016 08:42 AM

Re: Dog Kidnapped From Sri Hartamas Petronas Station
The ''kidnapper'' was finally discovered to be a dog rescuer,
who responded after I started a similar topic in the Low Yat
forum's pets section.

A case of mistaken identity.

It was unfortunate he was bitten, and had to require
a visit to the doctor for stitches and a tetanus jab.

'' Do not approach a dog with quick motions or from above. ''

Tham 07-29-2016 05:50 AM

Re: Dog Kidnapped From Sri Hartamas Petronas Station
The so-called ''dog rescuer'', one ''JS Sim'', has been playing a
cat-and-mouse game with me, refusing to let me know my dog's

Pretending to be some ''great hero'' or ''guardian angel'', going around
anywhere he liked saving ''animals in distress'' and finding ''new homes''
for them.

Tresspassng into private business premises, grabbing the dog without
first asking the petrol station's owner or employees' permission/consent,
let alone asking whether anyone owned the dog, then scooting off just
like that with it against its will.

He then hid it, refusing to disclose its whereabouts, before giving
it away without a care in the world to a stranger.

Effectively, under the Penal Code, he has committed :

1. Criminal tresspass

2. Theft

3. Concealment and disposal of stolen property

The dog licence had been applied for on Bandaraya's E-Dog system
and is under my name.

Legally, I am the owner.

I am now trying to track him down before contemplating legal action
against him and the woman which he gleefully gave it away to.

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