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misosangwoo 07-01-2011 09:07 PM

Putra Heights Animal Lovers

I just wanted to know if there are anyone from putra heights who would like to do something for the stray animals in their neighbourhood/street , such as CNRM? Capture, Neuter, Rehome/Release, Manage .

Recently i took back 6 new born puppies of a stray dog to my home after the mother dog was captured by MPSJ. After caring for them for a month, 6 of them have been successfully adopted.

Obviously catching the stray dogs and sending them to death at puchong pound is not a long term solution as catching all the dogs created a vaccuum to be filled by dogs from elsewhere. Right now, there are 5 new stray dogs roaming, 3 males, 2 no time the females would give birth to new puppies only to suffer from hunger, hit by car, or roughly cruelly caught by mpsj due to neighbour complaints.

The humane option is to neuter/spay the dogs and rehome, or release back to the community where we will care for them, so that new dogs will not come in.

Is there anyone from putra heights willing to offer help in catching the strays, sending to the vet, and fostering until there are potential adopters? there needs to be a concerted effort. Spaying/Neutering costs can be covered by Animal welfare organisation such as .

larrygoh 09-01-2011 04:44 PM

Re: Putra Heights Animal Lovers
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Hi Animal Lovers

I'm just wondering if you could help me since I'm staying at Putra Heights as well. I'm looking to give away my beloved Spitz and wondering if you could accommodate him.

It's fur coat is white base with spotted light brown.

The age is 6 years old and has already neutered. Dog is clean and healthy as this considered an indoor dog. I homed him inside my courtyard.

Reason giving away because me and my wife are planning for family and keeping dog is not an option for our plans.

Call me if you're interested and I'm willingly to share his dog food and medication (if require) with you so as long he lives

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