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dog is my buddy 08-02-2009 03:23 PM

Dog Cloned -Genetic Savings & Clone
We're pleased to announce a new pet cloning subsidiary called Encore Pet Science. Encore currently offers gene banking and dog cloning services to the general public, and will offer other advanced pet-oriented services in the future.

Although we're a new company, BioArts International has inherited key staff and intellectual property from Genetic Savings & Clone (GSC), which was the first company in the world to produce and deliver cloned pets (cats exclusively). We also have multiple scientific and engineering partnerships that extend our capabilities.

BioArts has successfully completed the internationally known "Missyplicity Project", an effort to clone a specific beloved dog named Missy. We invite you to read about the successful conclusion of the Missyplicity Project - or as we're calling it, "Missy: Accomplished!"

Dog Cloning

Encore Pet Science is pleased to provide dog cloning services to the public.

If you want another dog as similar as possible to your favorite dog, cloning is the best option. Weíll produce a healthy puppy for you that is your dogís genetic twin. We guarantee both health and resemblance.

Before delivery of a puppy to a client, our staff veterinarian performs a complete physical examination to ensure perfect health.

The price to clone a dog is $138,500, plus sales tax and shipping where applicable. This price includes independent genetic analysis certifying that your puppy is a clone of your original pet. To learn more about cloning, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. To place an order, or for a consultation, please contact us.

Gene Banking

Gene banking is the preservation of genetics for possible later use in cloning. Once a petís genes are preserved in the Encore PetBank, they will be available for use indefinitely (many decades, at least). Gene banking is the ultimate insurance against the loss of a petís genes due to death or unforeseen circumstances. If you donít gene bank your petís genes today, cloning may not be possible tomorrow.

We urge pet lovers to consider gene banking their pets while their pets are alive and healthy. However, viable cells can also be collected from a pet thatís aged, ill, or even (under certain circumstances) recently deceased. In all cases, a small tissue biopsy will be collected from your pet by your own veterinarian, using instructions provided by Encore Pet Science, and shipped to the Encore PetBank using a special shipper we call Goldilox (see below). Your petís cells will be expertly processed and cryopreserved.

The price to gene bank a pet is $1,450, inclusive of initial processing and the first year of storage. FedEx shipping will be charged separately.
Note that we donít accept gene banking orders on weekends or U.S. holidays. If you need to place a gene banking order for a deceased pet but our office is closed, please keep the petís body cool but not frozen (standard refrigeration is ideal) and contact us during our regular business hours.

To learn more about gene banking, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. To place an order, or for a consultation, please contact us.


Temperature control during shipping is among the most important factors affecting the viability of tissue intended for cloning. Encore Pet Science uses the RoBio Goldilox, a state-of-the-art shipper that maintains tissue for an extended period at a temperature thatís ďjust rightĒ even when exterior temperatures are hot or cold. After you order our gene banking service, weíll send a RoBio Goldilox to your veterinarian along with instructions and a return shipping label. He or she will use the RoBio Goldilox to send your petís tissue biopsy to the Encore PetBank.

Note that although Encore Pet Science will attempt to clone dogs using genes preserved by other gene banks, we will require a non-refundable deposit of $20,000 in such cases, unless your dogís tissue biopsy was originally shipped to the gene bank using the RoBio Goldilox. This deposit does not apply to genes preserved for clients of Genetic Savings & Clone and stored by ViaGen, Inc.

Bryan 08-28-2009 10:17 PM

Re: Dog Cloned -Genetic Savings & Clone
Hmm this is something we dont see everyday...

I will be wary about listing it under success stories because there are many camps that purport cloning to be the future for or against either an unethical `Its playing with God manner'. Petfinder members would also most likely be divided over this issue.

This also brings out the age old question of what really makes an organism really an organism. Is it its genes? Or is it its ephemeral soul? Would u look at your pet the same way if it was cloned? Or what if someone close to u chose to b `immortal' through constant cloning? Would u respect and look at that person, the clone the same way?

I for one am against cloning. But then again, I might be biased...
Please share your views. And someone open a poll to c wheter people are for or against cloning.

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