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RozRozy 09-28-2017 03:21 PM

I want a black color long hair cat to adopt (not kitten)
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Hello dear people
I am searching for a cat to be my friend and companion at my apartment home
As dogs are not allowed, and I miss having my lap-dog back when i used to stay with family.. {cry}

Anyone who knows or has information about Black coloured kitty
(I always wanted a panther-looking cat) ,
which is lazy and not hyper

(must be older than 8 months, so the personality is already developed){victory}
I would love to take it into my home as I am searching every website;

I need a furry friend to fill up my home with life
So I can take care and give it love as well as cuddle it to sleep.{love}{love}{love}{love}
I am a stay at home individual, draw, read, paint

Thank you in advance for reading this post
Please do contact me if you come across any black Adult long hair cat (or medium hair)
Most importantly healthy and beautiful without any disability or defect;

Zero 17622693 Zero

Have a great day !

RozRozy 09-28-2017 03:31 PM

i hope i find it!

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