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Jeffrey Read 09-11-2010 11:31 PM

Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
There is much being said about laws & rights of late with regards to animal welfare in Malaysia. In all honesty based on what I have come to understand, everything is rather an aimless shot in the dark.

If the humanitarian welfare of the "rakyat" in terms of housing still needs major improvement with various abandoned housing projects around, I cannot foresee animal welfare surging ahead anytime soon. Tongue-in-cheek, would you expose yourself by buying an undevelop property with the risk of having the project abandoned OR would you buy a property that is already in existence! Things doesn't have to be that way like that is the ONLY way!

Similarly with regards to animals, the real issue about animal protection is not the animal itself in question literally but more on the owners themselves. I cannot see any other way better to protect oneself other than having a valid Sales & Purchase Agreement between the buyer and the seller. For without an agreement, there is really nothing more to talk about when things turns sour, which in many case will do happen not in favour of the buyer if you are in Malaysia.

Naturally I am focusing here is about pedigree dogs especially. For those who wishes to go the extra mile with mongrels may do so but there really is no point since there is no commercial value in mongrels to begin with. For those who is about to jump the gun saying things like there is no difference between a pedigree and a mongrel to justify oneself for whatever reason. May I ask, wasn't a pedigree created for a specific purpose or function in the first place?

I have also come to know that, there are attempts to blacklist, banned unscrupulous sellers here. For that should be commended and some extent it did seem right but the logic is really questionable since identity here is nothing but aliases! Perhaps I am really blind here in not being able to see the salient points in blacklisting, banning etc done here on this pretext.

I do not know anything about cats, so its best that the cat version be left to the cat "gurus" to iron things out themselves about how to go about with S&P, if they ever do come to that bridge!

So perhaps until the general Malaysia population of pet lovers start to realize that S&P is the 1st step in the equation that is urgently required, animal protection laws & rights and what have you is like crying over split milk. Remember things doesn't have to be that way like that was the ONLY way and unless there is a change in the mindset, reading this thread is nothing but futile! For if 1 cannot even protect himself, I sincerely cannot see how 1 can protect an animal.

Finally for those who disagree with executing a S&P with regards to pedigree dogs, please state your reasons irregardless whether you are buyer or a seller for I would like to hear them. For those who are agreable, please indicate what would you like to emphasized most in the S&P agreement and thank you for sharing.

izwanbest 09-12-2010 08:35 PM

Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
lol i thought buying house only, need SNP

Jeffrey Read 09-13-2010 09:26 AM

Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
In the real world, there are various written agreements and it is known under a various number of names to differentiate from 1 to another for convenience sake.

Especially in using third party's monies like purchasing a car, getting a credit card or getting loans from loan sharks all requires a written agreement. In fact everything from being born to death, there is an agreement issued; if only you knew what I meant.

An agreement is made so that the parties involved are held accountable for specific performance and failure to-do-so, any claims for specific damages can only be decided in the court-of-law based on what is written in the agreement.

Likewise, purchasing a pedigree canine especially is no different matter. For without an agreement, it is equivalent to throwing good hard earned monies right out through the window! In my personal opinion, 1 would be much better off adopting a mongrel from animal shelters if 1 decides to do away with an agreement.

If anyone here is sharp, you would know by now where am I heading with this agreement issue.

For again I ask, those who disagree with executing a S&P with regards to pedigree dogs, please state your reasons irregardless whether you are buyer or a seller for I would like to know your thoughts. For those who are agreable, please indicate what would you like to emphasized most in the S&P agreement.

Jeffrey Read 10-09-2010 02:09 PM

Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
What I love about how things are done in Malaysia is that you sweep everything under the carpet when things get too hot! Well, ignorance is not admissable in court of law, make that any court of law.

Here is the last lifeline for those who really want to save themselves with regards to issues on Apartments and Pets started by Simon, since the thread had been removed for whatever reasons. Please note that neither will you ever see me GIANT, MALACCA nor do I have any specific interest in the following advert or legal firm.

No worries from hereonwards, my sincere request is that the examplary moderators or whoever-is-in-charge remove my membership permanently from this forum. This will remove any possibility of any PetFinder emails from being sent to me and thus preventing me from partaking thereonwards, kinda saving me from all troubles or should I say we all the troubles. Never thought I would ever say this but its a real WIN-WIN situation under the prevailing circumstances.

Best of luck to all of you in Malaysia and whatever future endeavours cause you will really need it.
Jeffrey Read


Jeffrey Read 10-22-2010 10:02 AM

Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
There is much I wish to write about from Apartments & Pets by Simon, the monkey that killed a baby etc but it is not to be I guess, at least here wherein details are frowned upon.

I guess I will always continue to wonder how can so many Malaysians be able to look but yet not see. Or do they simply choose not to see! If yes, then it is wise to stop asking questions without much forethought, cause it simply does expose one's weakness! LEARNING to listen attentively would be a great start.

Again, I politely ask for my membership here to be removed as I do NOT wish to receive anymore emails from PetFinder.

If there was a self terminate membership button in this forum, would anyone be kind to show me where it is?

By the way, I sincerely do hope someone FEELS that this thread has veered off so much that it has to be removed and I, thank you for that too.

Administrator 10-22-2010 03:36 PM

Re: Sales & Purchase Agreement [S&P]
Jeffrey Read,

Your account has been terminated as requested.

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