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mspy 12-08-2009 12:07 AM

Chow bought from leeyapfei (kkdoggie) died of corona & parvo virus :(
Dear All, I would like to share a heartbreaking story of mine. I have purchase a female chow chow (PF8285) from Sam Lee Yap Fei ( on 20/11/2009. Sam had many chow chows but we fell in love immediately with Coco. The petshop was’nt in the best hygiene & condition as it had some foul smell and you could tell some of the chow chow were sick. The sick chows weren’t segregated and was mixed together with other chows therefore encouraging the possibility of the sickness/virus spreading. 1 of the chows was so sick that he/she could’nt play (was sitting at one corner) and the rest of the chows were stepping on her/him. It was a very sad sight. We wanted to bring the sick chow back however we could only afford 1 chow at a time.

We notice that coco had diarrhea the day we bought her however Sam assure us it was the "rainy weather" that is causing the diarrhea. She was very active from the beginning however the diarrhea didn’t get better. On the third day, the diarrhea was bleeding fresh blood. We quickly took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with corona virus. Because we only had her for the 3rd day, the vet suggested that she already had the virus in her before we got her home and now is showing the symptom. We did notify Sam of the situation and he offered to take care of her however we are not comfortable with him taking care of our new pup as the vaccination card he has provided us did not came with a valid doctor’s endorsement. We did’nt want to return coco as a “product”. We gave all the care and medication our pup need but on the 7th day, our pup suddenly became very lethargic. Again, we quickly brought her to the vet (4th trip in the week) and had her hospitalized immediately. Sadly, she is diagnosed with a deadly virus, Parvo. Her chances of survival was only 50/50. Again, the vet advised that parvo virus incubates within and will only start shedding 7-10 days later suggesting that our pup has both corona and parvo virus when we brought her home. After 3 days of intensive care of the vet, our pup passed away on the 30/11/2009 3-4am in the morning. Sam was “sorry” for the passing of our pup but that was it. Period.

We loved our pup very much but it is very devastating to loose in just 10 days. Money spent on medication can be earned back but our dead pup cannot be revived. Nobody else should suffer the heartache we went through and hope that my story will enlighten animal lovers to purchase from ethical and clean pet shops. I wish no other animal had to share the same fate as our coco. We felt that we had been emotionally robbed by the passing of our dear coco. We still love her dearly and hope that she finds a better place next to god.

stephanietsl 12-09-2009 07:11 PM

Re: Chow bought from leeyapfei (kkdoggie) died of corona & parvo virus :(
Eventually, indirectly, I think I got my shih tzu from this guy as well... as the seller who sold the shih tzu to me, gave this Sam Lee number. I got to know about the shih tzu for sale via adpost, which doesn't post up the pic... and when I went to see the shih tzu, I was surprised that he (the shih tzu) looks familiar, after seen his condition with the seller, I got him back, he was sick when we were home for near to a month. After check that he got parasites in his blood, skin allergy and all, most properly it's from his genetic family - tree~

Not long later, I tried to search again from the adpost, to see whether can I "bump" to the shih tzu pix I saw before. Indeed, it's the same shih tzu. however the ad I saw (for me to view) was stated 4 months old, the ad which attached his pic was 6months old.


Some guys just smart to do business, but don't bother the health of the dogs.

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