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vivegbalboa 11-02-2014 05:45 PM

My new little RES need helps....

I'm new to this web and i just bought 2 little RES babies. I have place them in a small size of plastic fish tank. i have set up the fish tank with river rocks for them to basking and little bit of water. i have applied the anti-chlorine too into the water.

The problem is i found my RES babies are not eating up to today. I feed them the turtle pellets which i bought from the petshop. They haven't eat a single pellets up to now and they are not active too.. Their eyes kept close all the time.

Today i found their skin are peeling off from their head and legs when i put them into the water. They swim and go back up to the little river rock. I'm only able to see the peeling skins when they swim. Are they infected by fungus or 'RI'?

I have change the water few times because the water came a bit cloudy because of the pellets that i feed them melt in. I'm worried on this and please advice me what should i do.

I have place my fish tank inside my house and i'm living in apartment. I have go through some websites and mentioned that they need UVA /UVB rays. There's a special light for this reptiles to make their body heat for basking purposes. Do i need to have it for my RES? The petshop sales person haven't told me all this..

Please advice and provide me a proper guideline since i doesn't want my little RES to die..

vivegbalboa 11-11-2014 11:23 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
Is that there is no one having RES turtles as pet?{sweat}

cyap 11-19-2014 05:16 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
Hi vivegbalboa, I have 3 RES and they are 7-8 years old now. Yes, they do need clean water and sun light for basking which is good for their shell. I use to live in condo where there are direct sunshine for them everyday but only for 1 to 2 hours because the water will become hot under the sun. Recently I've moved to an apartment and there are no sun light direct into my house. So I have to switch to UVB light and according to the pet store adviser, UVB light has to be turn on at least 12 hours a day for your RES to get all the vitamins and heat they need. From my past experience, my little baby not eat, not moving and keep his eyes close, I brought him to VET and found that he actually had cold. After 2 shots of medicine from the VET, he is now 7 years old. All kinds of reptile will show the same symptoms when they are sick, stop eating, less activity and keep their eyes close all the time. I think you should bring them to the VET. Unfortunately you cannot simply bring them to any VETS that treat cats & dogs, I went to Animal Medical Centre at KL (, the VET can advice you better on how to take care of your RES babies. if you have any other list of VETS I suggest you to call and check whether they have doctors for reptile.

vivegbalboa 11-25-2014 12:28 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
hi cyap,

Thanks for your wonderfull reply..and your advice.. {happy}.. i've been waiting for quite long.. oh.. 7-8 years.. so nice.. they must b big enough.. {happy}

Yeah,what happened is one of my RES baby is died after few days i posted in this forum..{cry} the other one is survived and start eating.. n i got to knw that it may be coz of enviromental changes.. i manage to find an iodine for the fungus infection from a pet shop in Pandan Indah. The baby RES is in recovering process and found the fungus on his body are reducing and he is actively moving around now.{happy} . i have plan to add on another RES once he fully recovered..

Yeah, what you have told is correct.. the pet shop person from Pandan Indah advice me same too.. since i'm staying in condominium, he ask me to place my RES at sun light just for few hours and that will be enough for them. i'm lucky enough coz i'm able to get sunshine at morning up 12pm... so, temporarily i use to place my RES for the sunshine for few hours and after that i will put him back into the tank..

and thanks for the info bout the VET.. its hard to find a VET for reptiles and i will note it down..{happy}{good}

By the way, where did you buy the UVB light? Actually i manage bought a light from a aquarium shop and its stated there are UVA & UVB rays in the light and they said it can be used for aqua plant, fishes and turtle. The brand that i bought is "Kington". Is it useable? can u advice me on this? its a hanging type of light in small size and just fit my little tank. its a twi-light( blue and white). I hv notice my RES less basking even the lights are turn on. he always will be in the water or under the dock.

and i need to ask you about the this RES food and diet? what did you feed them? mine are only eating the 'Tubifex worms" (dried tiny worms in cubes) and he doesn't wanna to eat the pellets. ( Brand -Aquadine). Shall i change the other pellets? i try to not feed him a day and after that i feed him the pellet but he still never eat the pellets.. i try this method after i saw some videos in youtube but it doesn't work at all.. i felt pity and i feed him the cube worms back.. but as read and watch some videos, they need a perfect diet.. need some advice...

sorry if i am asking too many question.. its hard to find those who are having RES as pets.. and your consider a senior teach this Junior..
awaiting for your reply..{happy}

cyap 11-26-2014 03:40 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
I'm glad to meet you as well. Sorry for your lost. Honestly I'm new to use UVB light. For 7yrs plus I only manage to keep my boys and girl in those plastic box because I don't have enough space to put an aquarium. Everyday I had to put them under the sun and clean them every night or change water whenever it's dirty. Actually I did consider myself abusing them for not provide a real environment for them. I just got an custom made aquarium and I need UVB light as well, thought I can ask you about it {shy}. I may not able to use the hanging type because I have 2 cats as well, I need to figure out a way to secure the light. {sweat}

I only feed them with pallets, yes you might read from internet that you can also feed them worms and so on...well I'm afraid of those wiggling worms ugh!! And I never feed them with live food because I'm afraid they'll bite me as I need to brush them everyday to clean them. I only give them turtle pallets, I did try a lot of different brands before because at that time I only bought this pallets at Carrefour. Recently I give them NUTRAFIN brand pallets. I feed them cabbage every morning and pallets at night because the pallets will dirty the water (yeah, currently they still live in those plastic box because I haven got the UV light and filter for the tank.{smile}). Occasionally I'll give them boiled chicken meat, other vege & fruit like lettuce, cucumber or even apple and pear. I cannot tell you which pallet brands are the best, because my babies are very picky, they only eats what they like. Although they crazy about chicken meat but I only give them small amount in weekends as snack because too much chicken is not good for their health. Beside turtle pallets, I'll try give them natural food as much as I can.

You mention pet shop in Pandan Indah, did you mean 88 Pets Mart? I got my aquarium there and they are quite professional in aquatic pets. It's good that you able to let your baby expose to natural sunlight, it's waaaaay much better that any man made UV light you can get!! Have you got filter for your tank? These little guys need a very clean water which is why I had to wash their box and brush them every night to make sure it's clean and prevent fungus. Also, the water you use, you need to keep the water for at least 3 days to de-chlorine the water. How to do it? It's simple, just buy those plastic pail with lid, contain the water and close the lid. Remember, must use those with lid to keep your water clean from dust and also prevent of "Nyamuk Aedes". I'm not sure why your baby not basking maybe he already got what he needs from the natural sunlight?{grin} BTW, your baby is a HE or SHE? Don't worry, as long as it swims, eat and poop, then evrything is fine{wink}

I'm a senior?? {scared} The first time I got 2 RES babies died after 2 weeks {cry}. Since then I done a lot of research, read lots of books on how to take care of them. Don't you worry for asking too much questions, I'm just glad and happy to share it right here with you.{happy}

Fun fact: Do you know they will yawn like us? Their eyelids is upside down? (close from down to up direction)

vivegbalboa 11-28-2014 08:37 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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i'm glad too to have you over here.. {good} ohh, you mean that you haven't buy the UVB light yet? hehehe.. {nah} actually it's hard to find but you may use the Aqua light which produce UVA & UVB rays. Mine are the small one for mini aquarium. its not a hanging type actually, its like to fix on the side of aquarium. you may fix it to your custom made aquarium or your plastic box too. i have attach the sample.. you may check it.

oh, you had feed them with correct food diet to them such as advised in the youtube and other turtle websites.. that's great.. ok, i will try to do the same but my RES doesn't want to eat the pellets at all.. only Tubifex worms cubes.. i think i should train my RES more to eat natural foods as yours. might be i try to change the pellets too.. (Nutrafin- as you mentioned) but mine are still baby, is it possible to feed him such natural food? i haven't try any natural food yet... so should i put him on hunger and feed him as been advised in the youtube? any idea "How To Train My RES?"{wink}

Yes, you are right its Petsmart in Pandan Indah. they really professional in aquatic pets. they the one advice me that the aqua light can be used too but i never buy from them because its too expensive there. i bought the anti fungus iodine from them. its works but takes time..still recovering.. the fungus on the skin disappearing.. but yesterday i found a tiny white dot on the shell, is it fungus too? shall i brush it? i have no idea why it's been infected..{sick} i clean my aquarium once a day or twice a day. (use to feed my RES in different mini tank, which i used for place him under sunshine)

i apply the anti-chlorine into the water too before i place my RES into it.. as per the pet-shop advise they said the anti-chlorine for fish can be used too. but you mentioned that need to keep the water for at least 3 days to de-chlorine the water.. hmm.. {sick} do you mean that if i used this method, doesn't need to apply the anti-chlorine? please correct me if i'm wrong..{sick}.. advice me on how to treat the tap water..

hahah.. i think my RES is a male..{happy} (the tail and nail are long).. hehe.. as i read it the web and youtube, they mentioned as same but difficult to know the gender until they reach 3 years and above.. not sure on this too.. correct me if i'm wrong.. hehehe...{wink}

so, you have bought the custom made aquarium in Petsmart, how much it cost you? and for the UVB light, you may check in the Mid Valley- Petshop.. as i heard they are licensed dealer to have repltiles and they must be having the equipment's but the price must be quite expensive.{sick}.. even i too plan to have a better aquarium..but i have no place in my house..( already have 2 aquariums with tropical fish and a mini Fountain pond with guppies)..{grin}
so, my RES aquarium i park it under one of my aquarium.. this are small size of plastic aquarium and no filter fix yet..

hahaha.. your a perfect senior man...{good} thanks for sharing it.. since its hard to find those who having turtle as pets. Are you sure they will yawn like us? {ohmygod}..haven't see it before... and their eyelids close from down to up? oh.. you have done a research man!! appreciate it!! {good}..

vivegbalboa 12-23-2014 01:36 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
hi cyap,

My RES died few days ago... the fungus gone but comes back in few days.. i'm not sure he was sick or not but he looks active.. suddenly the next morning i found he's not all.. i kept for a day but still no movement.. {cry}..

now i have bought another 2 RES hatchlings...{wink} Hope these guys can last.. pray for me dude...{happy} and i'm feeding them Exxo Terra pellets that i bought from Petsmart Pandan Indah.. and i hv place them at outdoor(my balcony).. no more indoor...{sick}..

so, how was your custom made aquarium? have you set it up? you been missing for so long dude.. awaiting for your reply..

guys, those who are having RES turtles, please do give some chats..{wink}

cyap 12-26-2014 11:32 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Hey there, I did reply but somehow the post lost and I didn't realize {sweat} and I thought you were missing in action {smile}

Your baby died? How could that be??? Is it because of the water?? You mentioned the anti-chlorine, yes I know about it but I didn't use it as I told you I prefer organic way or I should say the "old-fashioned way" {happy}.

Actually it's not difficult to raise RES, I'm sure you done research yourself knowing the most basic environment for these guys are clean water and a dry basking spot. Honestly, young hatching is vulnerable and you need to be more careful with them. Mine are like the size of 50 sen when I bought them. I only give them pallets and I change many times of water to make sure the water is clean. Back then I was staying with my family and I don't have space for an aquarium. So without the filter, my only option is to keep changing the water whenever it's dirty. Every day I put them under the sun for basking and keep them indoor at night. I put wooden piece in their box for basking so every night I'll wash the boxes and brush the wooden pieces to make sure no fungus. I also will brush their shell. Beware, young baby's shell is soft, only use soft toothbrush to gently brush their shell if you have to. They live in 3 three separate box, I have to separate them because they bite each other. It's a lot of work every night but I quite enjoy it. I also get to see/check them whether they have fungus when I brush them. I only use water that de-chlorine after 3 days, so I don't need de-chlorine drops. BTW, at this moment too I get to see them blink and yawn.

My custom aquarium is 5'x2' which is usually for 1 to 2 adult. I can't afford to have 3 tanks so custom made is the best choice for me and it has slots to separate them. I'll catch some photos show you later. I'll go back to Petsmart for the filter and the UV light because my tank is made base on the design they propose to me which I can put in filter and UV light.

BTW, "How To Train Your RES?", simple, just "rotan" them {catlaugh}

Just to cheer you to have more confidence with your new ones, here are some photos of my 2 boys and girl.

Attachment 12201

Attachment 12202

Attachment 12203

Attachment 12204

Attachment 12205

vivegbalboa 12-28-2014 12:49 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Hi Cyap,

At last your here.. huhu..{happy}.. no, i haven't receive any reply from you.. that why i was looking for ...{happy}..

Yes, he died.. not sure why.. might because of the fungus or water..{sweat} i have no idea..{cry}..

Hey, your RES looks so cute...{happy}.. they look very big in just 3 years old...{wink}

yeah, now having the 2 new RES hatchlings.. their size are as 50 cent coins.. i place them fully outdoor.. and cleans their aquarium.. one day once..{grin}.. yes same as you doing, i will brush and clean my aquarium and the turtle docks and wood..

yeah, me too.. even as i know u can used fully boiled water (warm water) for them too.. The PetsSmart person advice me that.. and its works.. and doesn't need to apply Anti-Chlorine. The boiled water will kill the chlorine as well.. My aquarium not that big, so, its not takes much water.. so, i kept a separate jug of boiled warm water for my RES.. hehehe..{happy}.. but as u told, the organic way is the best too.. will try it once i got a pail with cover lid..

But so far as i monitor them, they are active but they a bit scared if someone walk near to their aquarium.. even my self..{sick}.. they will jump into the water and hide their self under the dock.. even when i feed them.. but they will eat too.. is it because of i place them all the time at outdoor? a bit hard to understand their attitude.. hehehe..{sick}.. any advice on this?

Oh, your custom aquarium is 5'x2' ? quite big too..{good} how much it cost you? ohh.. they bite each other? ohh.. its better you separate them by partition in the aquarium... hmm.. yeah, in Petsmart shop, they don't have the UVB light for reptiles.. they only have for fishes and plants.. i suggest you this shop at Old Klang Road, behind Pearl International Hotel.. they are legal reptiles pet dealers and they have lot type of repltiles in their shop. i went there on christmas.. and they do sell the UVB light and Basking lights for reasonable price.. as i checked, they sell more cheap than other shop that i found too.. you may purchase the Turtle UVB light ( brand:Exxo Terra) and a nice basking light for the heat... you just refer to them and they will advice you..
Reptiles Planet & Pet Studio (behind Pearl International Hotel) Old Klang Road.
Kompleks Bandar, 34, Jalan Mega Mendung, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone:+60 12-331 6097
Hours: Open today 9:00 am 7:00 pm

yeah, there is other shop too inside the Scott Garden Complex(Old Klang Road), Nilofar Petshop.. they sells reptiles product too but a bit expensive.. i suggest you the Reptiles Planet & Pet Studio (behind Pearl International Hotel) Old Klang Road.. and they sells many types of turtle/terrapins/tortoise too.. you will get exited if you go there... huhuhu..{good}{happy}

check out the lights that you can purchase in the attachment.. k..

cyap 12-29-2014 10:28 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Hi vivegbalboa,
As you see, I'm unable to boil water for my huge tank. {sweat}
I bought 1 pair which are 7 yrs old now and the the last photo, the boy that wink, he is actually adopted from my sister's colleague and he is 6 yrs old now.{happy}

I read from some article/forum that it's normal when they are like suddenly jumping into the water, it's one of their usual behaviour as they are alert with the environment. If you feed them everyday, soon they will look into your eyes as they known you as their owner, trust me. I usually feed them boiled chicken in the weekends only and I do believe they know when is the time because usually they don't eat anything in the weekends and wait for the chickens...when it's almost dinner time at 6pm, at 5pm they already start crawling and making noises for the chickens.{sick}

I went to Petsmart yesterday to buy the water pump. And I got a mini water pump (attached photo) and some sponge for the filter, that's all. I though I'll need to spent a lot for the filter system but actually no need. You have other fish aquarium right? Do you have any filter system for your other aquariums? May I ask you one idiot question, is it all types of water pump use for aquarium are inside the water? I mean it looks kinda know...the wire are in the water...anything runs electric and stay in water sounds a bit scary to me, is it safe? I will go again to pick up my UVA/UVB light as they will find me a light holder 5' long for my aquarium. I was lucky when I went there, I actually met an uncle who is the one that build aquariums and he also advice me a lot. He shown me they have UVA/UVB lights for reptiles and it includes heat also.

Attach a photo of my tank. The pump I got will go into the vertical section on right and the sponge will put in the horizontal section next to it. See the slots at front glass? It's to separate them and it's flexible. Occasionally I can let them swim around {happy}. The below part is empty because I don't like the wooden stand (p/s it's very expensive too) The whole tank is made with thick glass, like 1cm thick. It cost me 1k++ which I think it's reasonable as it's make of thick glass, I can't even move it a bit, toooooooo heavy{scared}

If you got time, try this website

If you keep your babies outdoor make sure you provide a place allow them to hide from the heat, don't overheat them. Now the whether is a bit cold, be careful not to let them catch cold. Don't worry lah, as long as they eat, swim and poop they are perfectly fine. Once they're not eating and keep on sleeping, immediately to the VET.

p/s: thank you for the info you shared, I'll keep that in mind.

vivegbalboa 12-29-2014 08:36 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
Hi cyap...

So fast you reply... huhuhu..{wink}
Oh... you adopted? ooh... he's cute...{happy}..

Oh..ok.. i got what you mean... but if i place them inside my house, they will keep on hiding their self under the dock..and they will only move around or climb up the wood or dock if there's no one is moving or walking around.. if someones moves or walks, puffff...{scared} they will jump into the water.. hide themself..{sick}... but i when the time i feed them, they come out slowly..look around.. and pick the pellet..something like stealing off the food slowly.. hehehe.. {shy}... hmm.. i haven't try to give them boiled chicken yet.. at moment only exxo terra pellets and cube worms.. they love the worms..{happy}

oh... great.. at last u bought the filter..{good} yes.. most of the water pumps or filter will be fixed in the water.. and its safe..but u must make sure there is no short-circuit happens from the electricity supply... the wire and the pump are made specially to be fix in the water.. so don't worry..{happy} but there are some water pump or filter that we can fix out of the aquarium.. its called Canister filter.. and its quite expensive..{wink}.. most of it used for ocean aquatic aquariums..

Oh.. you mean they have the UVA/UVB light? as i asked one of the worker there, he said don't have..reptiles.. they have the UVA/UVB for aqua fishes and plants.. as my research as i done (following sifu cyap steps) {shy}, the UVA/UVB radiation level for repltiles is more higher than aquatic fish/plants.. try to check before you purchase it.. this info i got to know from the Reptiles shop it self.. thats why in all turtles related websites, they advice to have 2 separate lights, which is UVA/UVB lights and Basking light( produce heat).
If the lights comes in one bulb, it means the radiation of UVA/UVB is lower.. and it is more suits for aquatic creatures.. try to check.. correct me if i'm wrong..ok..{happy} i'm still Junior..{grin}

Your custom made aquarium.. is awesome.. SO BIG...{happy}... hmmm.. for sure its expensive coz its too thick.. at last your RES got a new home!!{happy}... try to let them together..without separating them.. they might be fighting because of not enough space before.. try and see.. try to decorate your aquarium with riverstones on the below.. with some aquatic plants.. and suitable turtle docks for them to bask.. your aquarium really can be decorated as their real living habitat...because of the size.. need help..let me know ok.. i'm willing here... {happy}

yes..i place them outdoor.. and of course they have a nice place for them to hide to avoid get over heated.. hmm.. they just able to get the sunshine for few hours only..(8am-11am) but recently.. very less.. because its raining everyday.. it's makes me more worried.. sure i won't let them to be on the cold.. at night i will place them under my fish aquarium.. a bit warmy area... and by morning, i place them outside at the condo balcony..

Yeah.. i won't be worry because, i having a good sifu as you..{wink} to get advised and guidance.. hehehe..{shy} make sure you send me a picture once you complete set up your aquarium... k... i'm eagerly waiting..{happy}... and if you need any help to set up.. let me know.. this Junior can try to help you... hehehe....{happy}{wink}

vivegbalboa 01-19-2015 11:50 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
Hi cyap,

Belated happy new year!{happy} How are you? Have you complete setting up your aquarium? Been waiting for so long for your update..{wink}

cyap 01-20-2015 11:13 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Hi there, I do want to reply you yesterday but I want to catch some photos of my finished set up tank. Yeap, after weeks of thinking how to diy the cover and finally....whoalah!!!

Actually I never start using the tank because I want to have it cover with mosquito net to prevent bugs and also dust and cat's hair. I've been asking aquarium shop and hardware store and none of them can make one cover for me so I had to diy myself. Finally I got the aluminium mesh and tape the side with magnetic strip to have a stronger attach to the side of the tank. I make two sheet mesh cover so it's easier to open one piece to feed them. You can see there are a strip place horizontally in the middle (attached to second piece of the mesh) to create a support for the mesh as the magnetic strip is not like wood strong and hard, it's quite flexible and will need support to hold it straight. Ya, I mentioned to you I got UVA/UVB fluorescent light from 88 pets mart, it's Exo Terra Repti 8.0, I think it's the old stock they have and it's actually used for dessert reptiles. I just found from Exo Terra website that usually for terrapins, they only need Repti 5.0. so I only turn on one light and keep the other one as extra backup. Also I got a few piece of mesh from Daiso, to put on top just in case my naughty cat jump on top. Well that's it, I'll be using this temporally meanwhile I'm looking for a better way to make one more stronger and sturdy cover. Do you have any better idea?

I started the pump on Sunday, I only turn it to mid because my smallest boy will be in the last compartment (right side) where the water has the strongest flow there. Yesterday evening the water is a bit cloudy so I turn it to max as I see my boy seems quite enjoy the water flow {happy}. Do I need a bigger/more powerful pump to get the crystal clear water?

Here are some photos {grin} Well I still separate them in other boxes when I gave them pallets and I need to clean some of the leftovers in the tank. It's still an everyday cleaning work (but less work compare to previously {smile}) but it's worth it as it's twice bigger than the boxes they use to live in and now they can swim {good}

vivegbalboa 01-21-2015 12:53 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....

Woww!!{good} You had did a wonderful job! The aquarium cover looks so perfect...{victory}.. your so talented... good job dude!! {good}... how you got the idea to make it? Where did you purchase all this things? hardware shop? especially aluminium mesh and the plastic black mesh( to separate the turtles).. AWESOME...{good}...

Yeah as i mentioned you earlier, the turtles and terrapins need lower UVA/UVB radiations than the desert reptiles.. but still can use too.. Oh.. your UVA/UVB fluorescent lights looks great..too..{happy} is it comes together with the light cover set(the light holder)? how much it cost u? must be very expensive...{sick} so do u mean it comes with two set of UVA/UVB fluorescent light? so you can turn ON one light and OFF the other one?

hhmm.. yes you need a better water filter pump if you really wants a crystal clear water but u need to spend more..{sweat} such as Canister Filter.. you can refer to 88 Petssmart shop.. But more more powerful pump is not advisable.. it may cause the turtle to hard breathing due to water flow pressure.. and please make sure the water pressure is not too high.. this is what i had learn from the websites. as i check out your pictures, i couldn't see any water filter except of the water pump inside the aquarium.. where did you place the water filter (the filtration box, sponge/stones)? is on top of the aquarium or below?

Anyway.. your aquarium and the top hood really look great.. try to not separate them.. since now they have bigger space to swim..{wink} To set up a nice basking spot for them.. u can purchase the larger riverstones or the wood in any aquarium shop.. i think 88 petsmart having it.. At one part you can set up the basking spot and the other part for them to swim.. so they will have a larger space to dive and swim.. try to let them together and monitor them.. if they still fighting, then you separate them... its my suggestion..{happy}

cyap 01-21-2015 10:31 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Thank you. {grin}

The thick plastic mesh is actually come together with the tank. Other materials are from hardware store and DAISO! {victory} You didn't see the filtration box because it's built in, it's inside the tank (horizontal section at the bottom) sitting right next to the vertical section, which is in the last two compartment. The horizontal section was designed to be the filter box, at the same time, it's also a basking area. The Exo Terra fluorescent light box you shown me is a great product but not suitable for my tank, the length is not enough. I got this light holder from 88 Pets Mart too where it's excactly 5ft long to fit my tank and it has 2 different switch on the box for 2 fluorescent lights. If I use shorter length light box or light bulb, then I'll have to use 3 switches for 3 lights{sweat}. I got this package like around rm300+ (include 2 fluorescent lights{shy}).

Yeah, I learned about the UVA/UVB light uses from Exo Terra website. I'm a rookie to aquarium stuff so now I'm like going back to school to study all about this especially safety, which I'm concern the most. I learned to do the cover from youtube. There is a video showing an great idea using pvc egg crate as a cover, I thought it's good but unfortunately I can't find the egg crate from any hardware store I know. Have you see this before? (plz refer picture{wink})

Dude, do you know how much it cost for a canister filter? Plus it's too big for my tank as the water in the tank is only half full. The water outflow from the pump, it's that a pressure to the water that you mean? Anyway, thanks for your info about water pressure, I shall look into it{happy}. I've turn on the water pump to max and after one day, the water seems ok, it's {victory}clear{victory} The only problem now it's when I do the cleaning, as the filter box is built-in, so when I take out the sponge from the box {scared} the dirt spread all over the tank {sweat}. I'm thinking switch to external filter box, easy cleaning. I'm looking at 2 different type of filter system from Fluval, the hang-on external type or the underwater filter (if it fits in vertical section of the tank) but not the canister ok?... {smile}

I'm trying to make a crawling slope with plastic/pvc mesh use for flower pot, (I got from DAISO!!) to place at the basking spot, they seems having trouble going up there. If it works, I'll show you later{happy}. Yeah, if I got free time, sure I'll take out the plastics let them swim further. It's quite fun watching them swimming, sometimes swim backwards{shy}

How is your RES babies?

vivegbalboa 01-23-2015 12:45 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
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Oh.. you have done a great research and your hardwork results well!!{good}.. keep it up...

Hmm..{sweat}... its build in filter box.. no wonder lar, i couldn't see it.. hehehe..{shy} so.. the built in filter box is the basking spot is it? not bad..{happy}.. huhuhu... yes, you will face the dirt spreading out problem if you had built in filter box (under water).. prefer to place the filter box on top or out of the aquarium.. yes, the water outflow from the pump is the pressure.. if its too high, the nearest turtle to the pump will feel uncomfortable and might have breathing issue.. so, try to check it out..

hhmm.. about the canister filter, there are many type.. as Fluval brand is the famous.. its look like one medium size of ice box which u place out of your aquarium and the will be two hose will be connected from the filter to aquarium.. (one to pull the water and another one to release the water).. so the filtration will be happen in the box.. and you doesn't need to clean it all the time.. might 3 or 4 days once...or might be 1 week once..{wink} its normaly used for ocean aqua fishes.. but if you checked youtube videos, most of them fix to the canister filter...and suits well for turtles.. the hang-on external filter also can be used but the water level should be more higher to allow the filter to pull the water in.. 88 Petssmart do sells the Canister filter.. I suggest you to go after Canister filter coz your aquarium size.. will make your day easier...{happy}.. check out the attachment of the canister filter..

Bout the UVA/UVB light.. the one i show you earlier is the smaller one.. but you had got it for cheap price (longer fluorescent){wink} .. coz its suits your aquarium well..{good}... Oww.. you mean you have learn to do the top cover from Youtube... great.. good observation... and it results well!!!{good}.. yeah, i know it.. the egg crate, saw in youtube too.. you can use it to make so many things.. even a basking spot.. but i haven't find it in out hardware shops or DIY shop before... if i found it, will let you know..{wink}.. yeah, once you done your crawling slope, snap me a picture ya.. i'm eagerly waiting.. looks like Youtube videos helps us alot.. hehehe...{happy}.. as i told you before, let them to swim freely without the separation.. but monitor them too..{cool}..

Hhhmm.. my RES babies.. going good..{good} at moment feeding them Exo Terra pellets, frozen bloody worms, cubifex dried worms.. and little feeding fishes in occasion..{happy} huhu.. even they are babies, but they hunt for the fish... i put 4 fishes inside and the next morning there are none.. {scared}.. they clear it without a single peace of it.. no evidence of hunt.. haahha..{wink}... but giving them in occasion.. but they still fear on people appearance... even me.. till i open the aquarium hud, they will take time to look me up.. as playing hide and seek.. {high}.. hhmm.. got to ask you something.. how did you manage to take care your turtles if go for outstation or vacation for few days? is there anyone at home to care of it? because if fishes, there are holiday food that v can place into.. but for turtle's.. there are none..need to feed them..{sick} how did you manage it? {sweat}

cyap 01-23-2015 02:56 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....
We should be thankful the existence of Youtube {catlaugh}

I know I've said definitely no canister filter but on second thought, I might change my mind....{catcry}. The info I got is turtle produce more dirt/mess compare to fish so usually terrapins keeper will go for big canister filter or install 2 hanging filter in a tank size like mine, it should be at least 2 times more than the gallons of water to be filtered. Oh man, I should done more research on filter before I buy mine{mcry}. The submersible pump I'm using now is not bad, strong enough to clean the tank, the only problem is the filter box and perhaps the water pressure if I turn it to max. Anyway, I will go and check out the filter option since I do need to add another filter to my tank {msure}

{what}You fed them live fishes?????!!!!!THAT'S CRUEL!!!!! OMG, don't tell me you fed them your guppy fish{msad} I've seen before guppy mother ate her was a horrible experience when I saw the baby's tail tip at the mother's mouth{mcry}........

Oh ya, CNY holiday is coming sorry to tell you I'm from KL, no need to go back home town so no problem for me{mwidegrin} I don't like travel either, beside working in office, most of the time I like to stay home. Bring them along with you, they're still small, easier to carry in small boxes or you can go for pet hotel, 88 pets mart have pet hotel service. Do check out their FB page.

vivegbalboa 01-25-2015 10:46 AM

Re: My new little RES need helps....

yeah.. a million of thanks for the existence of youtube.. they help a lot...{happy}

yes, my suggestion is you add on another one filter and go for canister filter.. it will safe your time and always will keep your aquarium clean..{good}.. you have spend a lot to set up your aquarium.. take some time.. dude...{wink}

Hahaha.. yes.. i fed them live fishes.. but it's not Guppies.. My guppies i place them in a little pond/fountain.. yup.. Guppies are like mammal too.. they never lays egg, they give birth on their babies.. huhu.. {high} i fed my RES babies.. the feeding fish.. (being breed for feeding other fishes such as Flower Horn, Arowana, Oscar, etc).. you can buy them for aquarium shop.. RM1 -15 fishes.. i use buy for my tropical fish "Puyu" two week once... chill dude..{cool} its not cruel.. it's a natural food for them.. something to say as food cycle.. Pellets and other vegetables are good for them.. but by nature they eats fishes, shrimps( info from turtle websites).. i think my RES babies hunts them at night..(while they hungry) because when i put the fishes at day time.. they never did anything.. might be because of my appearance..all the time.. you can give a try.. i tried it after i saw youtube videos and information from some websites.. RES turtles are natural hunters.. so.. no worries.. even they are captive breed but the natural characteristics are the still there...{wink}

Oh..ok.. Yes, i wish to bring them along when i travel but i scared {scared} they might get stressed.. because of environmental changes.. sumore they are still babies..{scared} i use to travel.. at least once a month.. for few days.. so i need some trusted and caring person to care of my RES babies..{scared} do you mean the Petsmart have pet hotel service for turtles too?{oh} as i know they have the pet hotel for cat and dogs only... hhmm.. have you sent to them before? ohh..ok... i will check out their FB pages...{wink}.. thanks for the information dude..

{happy}so how was your Chinese New Year preparation going on? do you stay at Pandan Indah?

vivegbalboa 02-21-2015 02:30 PM

Re: My new little RES need helps....

Happy Chinese New Year!!{happy}... Hows your celebration going on? Hope you there enjoying it.. {high}{happy}{wink}...

Waiting for your update.. Enjoy...{cool}

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