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pearly 06-21-2018 04:44 PM

My pet dog was attacked by a racoon
Hi all, I am a newbie to this forum. I have a pet dog. His name is Milo. He loves playing in the backyard. A day before yesterday, he got attacked by a raccoon. This raccoon was a frequent visitor in our yard. It keeps digging in the yard every time it visits the yard. Milo keeps on barking whenever the raccoon enters the yard. One day, Milo was attacked and he was barking at the raccoon when he saw the raccoon crawling into the yard. Suddenly, the aggressive raccoon attacked our Milo and they got into a fight with each other. I was bathing while they were fighting. I hurried from the bathroom listening to Milo's barking. We informed a humane wildlife control in Markham for capturing this raccoon who visits the yard frequently. Milo was bitten by the raccoon while fighting with him. I have hard that raccoons carry rabies. Can a dog get rabies when bitten by a raccoon?

Maneki Neko 06-22-2018 06:39 AM

Re: My pet dog was attacked by a racoon
Hi, Pearly,

Welcome to the Forum, which is an animal welfare forum based in Malaysia.

As someone who once lived in the US, though, I can assure you that, yes, your dog can most definitely get rabies from the bite of an infected raccoon. Did the animal control officers capture the raccoon? If not, I would strongly advise taking Milo to a vet clinic ASAP. If he has contracted rabies (and let's hope this is NOT the case), he is at risk of spreading it to other animals and humans as well. If he's come through this encounter without contracting rabies, please vaccinate him!

Let's hope the raccoon is not in fact rabid and was merely defending its territory.

DebbiePelton 05-01-2019 06:23 AM

Re: My pet dog was attacked by a racoon
I hope your dog is ok

akithecat 03-27-2020 12:42 PM

Re: My pet dog was attacked by a racoon

Originally Posted by DebbiePelton (Post 105337)
I hope your dog is ok

Me too. Things like these happen sometimes and out of our control.

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