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Lisan 12-05-2016 11:19 PM

Keeping Pets at Condo
HiHi All,

I am new to PetsFinder. I need some advice and/or assistance.

I have a mini schnauzer, Snow Snow, and she is 4+ year old. One of the reasons I moved into this (my) condo 4 years ago because I saw residents keeping and walk their pets within the condo compound so I thought the condo mgt was fine with pets. However, the current mgt does not allow and issue memo that pets are not allowed.

When the mgt putting up a big 'no pets' signboard, I did try talking to them. I personally talked and e-mailed to the condo mgt chairman to give us, the pet owners, more options to consider rather than 'sending pets away' because we have been keeping our pets with us long (some for more than 10 years) before they the first memo was out. He refused.

For past 3 weeks, the chairman lodged 2 complaints against me because my dog was barking at him, a stranger, at the carpark while i) I was driving (my dog was inside my car) and ii) carrying her and walking towards my car which both incidents she barked for 10 seconds max. They mentioned in the letter that they "will take whatever action deem necessary to remove the particular said animal from the building/premises" etc. It is clearly aimed personally at me because he does not live near my unit.

In fact, I always asked my neighbours whether they heard Snow2 barked or made noise and they said never only with the exception when Snow2 was at the lift lobby while I locked my door gate. That also probably took less than 30 seconds.

I find myself helpless and upset: Why are people so inhumane? Instead of finding animal a shelter, they instruct us to give away our beloved pets??

I tried asking SPCA for advice but they said they can't do much. Can anyone please advise what could I do?

Note: The rest of owners just keep quiet and keep their pets at home. I want to bring my dog out for fresh air than confined in the condo unit.

Thanks in advance.


Administrator 12-21-2016 11:47 AM

Re: Keeping Pets at Condo
Hi Lisan,

You may wish to check out our legal article on keeping pets in condo:

Depending on which local council governs your area, the by-law may or may not prohibit ownership of dogs, or perhaps just restrict the type of breeds. If the council doesn't prohibit so, then the condo management has no legal right to impose such restriction on its residents, unless a specific animal is causing disturbance to others.

We suggest you check on your council's by-law first. If it does allow, you can inform your condo management of your right to do so, and also obtain your neighbors' written consent that your dog is not causing any annoyance or disturbance to them.

You can also seek the help of the Strata Management Tribunal if an agreement is not reached.

Please refer to the article for full details, and hope it helps.

Lisan 12-26-2016 06:13 PM

Re: Keeping Pets at Condo
Dear Administrator,

First of all, thank you for your reply.

I am living in KL and DBKL allows high-rise condo/apt keeping pets. However, the DBKL Commissioner of Building Officer told me that it is still subject to condo joint mgt body's approval but the By-Law does not have such clause. I am confused. Does it mean that I have to hire a lawyer to clear the air??

Nonetheless, the article you shared is useful and helpful. Worst case, I will seek help from Tribunal Strata Mgt.

Thanks again. Appreciated it. :)


Kath 01-19-2017 04:55 PM

Re: Keeping Pets at Condo
Dear Administrator & anyone that can help

I have similar issue with my serviced apartment community in Petaling Jaya. Someone found a few dog ticks in their home which is at the midst of renovation work and reported to the residents group chat. Which unfortunately triggered the other residents to panic and started blaming the pet owners. More unfortunately, my neighbor also responded that he will report against my unit. My unit and where they found the ticks are 20 floors apart.

I have adopted a 3-years old poodle (7kg) and we started to stay in that apartment in December last year for Fridays and weekends only. Weekdays we stay with my parents landed house. Also, I have never leave my poodle home alone. I use the service lift via the carpark route to avoid entering the lobby and put him inside a carry bag whenever we go out. My poodle have recognized my neighbor open/close gate sound (which is actually pretty loud) and he never bark at that after 2 weekends. His barking is limited to few barks few seconds.

I am trying my best live peacefully but really worried that the Management will take action against me. May I know what is the worst thing that they can do? Are they allow to take away my dog? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

katherinekflim 01-23-2017 12:30 AM

Re: Keeping Pets at Condo
what else to say when the rule's the rule?

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