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K9YoYo 11-19-2015 02:52 PM

Puppy abuse at One Pet Shop (Subang Jaya)
Hey guys. I wish to share and discuss the service I received from the boarding services at The One Pet Shop (across Main Place), Subang Jaya. I boarded our puppy for 6 days, (20 Ringits per Night). Initially, the staff who goes by the name of Rain appeared hospitable and friendly, we got his contact through Catherine (another The One Pet Shop’s branch staff). Sounds great right?

Our dog is an extremely timid puppy of 4 months. She’s easily scared of pretty much everything else besides us, and we had no choice but to board her for few days as we were out of town. The staff (Rain) appears to be quite forceful among animals, and he forced the puppy into her cage in a not so gentle manner.

6 days later I, myself went to pick up the puppy. Although overjoyed, I did notice a small line encircling her right hind leg’s ankle. Upon further inspection at home, I discovered that there was an extremely tightened rubber band tied around her ankle to the extent it had dug into her skin, leaving a blood stained fine-line of a wound, not to mention the feet was slightly more swollen than the other.

Since then, we had tried to contact both Rain and Catherine, but alas, they don’t return our calls and claim none of their staffs were aware of the puppy’s ankle. (They claimed they took our puppy for walks, so why wouldn’t they not notice it?). Later on, Rain and Catherine mentioned that the Boss will call us, and whoever that boss is never called us either. We are still trying to contact them since, yet they never pick up or return our calls.

If anyone of you here had any incidents with One Pet Shop, please do share.
If they are really guilty of abusing our puppy in that way, I highly encourage to NOT board your pets at The One Pet Shop.

If anyone requires photographs or videos of the puppy’s injuries, the pet shop (with our puppy inside), we can post it here.

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