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Stephanie Do 06-04-2017 03:28 PM

I lost my Corgi. Please help find him!
My friends, this morning I left the gate open and Olaf ran out without me knowing. We ran around to look for him and were told he was taken by a chinese man. We are heart broken. Please if you happen to see him, do let us know.
The last time Olaf was seen is around 12pm 4th June when he crossed the highway opposite Shell station (Puchong Jaya, Jalan Merak 1, 47100). Olaf is a Corgi with no tail, wearing blue collar.
Please call me at 0132402106 or my husband Aaron 0122081614. Please do help us share this post so we can reach to more people. Olaf is having hip dysplasia (serious bone problem) and the one who took him doesn't know this, Olaf could be in danger. Please do help us find Olaf!!!!!

Thank you very much, we really appreciate your help!

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