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ashleywong 10-08-2008 04:12 PM

Breeder Celect - Litter Material (Recycled paper Pellet)
Hi All

I would like to share you with my experience in using Breeder Celect. It is safe not only for my cats but also safe for environment as well as safe for me.

why do i say so:
1. No addictives or chemicals
2. Natural odour control / absorption
3. Highly absorbent
4. Economical - last longer
5. Lightweight and easy to handle
6.Suitable for all cat breeds
7. Good and safe especially for kittens as well as long-haired cats
8. Biodegrable (environmentall friendly)
9.Virtually dust free - does not break down with use
10. Reduces tracking and does not mark floor -NO MESS
11. Effective at less depth than clay litters
12. Will not attract vermin or grow mould in bag
13. Easy to use and easy to clean up and easy to dispose off
14. Can be used in mulching for garden (overseas customers do that, i don't have a garden so i don't)

The best is that it really reduces all the hassle and headache associated with using clumping or clay litter material. I put out two litter boxes for my 4 cats and all it takes me is about 5 minutes to clean up both boxes each time. No mess, no smell, no dirt, no hassle, no headache.

I like also that it's chemical and addictive free. i don't know about you but i'm quite sensitive to chemicals and addictives . It's also safe for my cats because i know there's no chemical to irritate their highly honed sense of smell and there's no danger to their health if they bite on the litter material.

as amazing as it sounds, despite the no chemicals and no addictive used, it is able to contain and reduce odour - no kidding. all my cat needs to do is to cover up the poo with it and hey presto, no smell! kid you not ...honest...
otherwise my cats and i would have been homeless a long long time ago! :-)

Rating 0 to 5
Ease of use : 5
Ease of cleanup : 5
Acceptance by cat : 5
Health hazard : 0
Cost-effectiveness : 5

Would i recommend this? YOU BET!!!! {victory}{good}{good}{good}{good}

ashleywong 10-08-2008 06:17 PM

Re: Breeder Celect - Litter Material (Recycled paper Pellet)
also nothing ventured, nothing gained. why not buy a bag and try?

most people think they'll save when the buy in smaller amount, as the size lure them into thinking it won't cost that much and they won't use much but like it or not, you'd end up buying more.

you know why i started using breeder celect? because the most expensive clumping clay litter i have bought was the arm and hammer brand and it was really heavy (i almost hurt my back once trying to carry it from the shelf to the cashier counter). and it wasn't cheap, almost RM50 per box (can't remember that size it was but also in litre measurement also). it was supposed to help reduce odour, anti-bacterial, clean and easy to use, no tracking, no dust, no mess, etc, etc but other than the price, it doesn't live up to the promise - it's messy, it has dust and it tracks and it ends up all over the place, it doesn't even control the odour much less reduce it and after a few days, it started to stink high to heaven (i scoop out poo daily) and i end up using more and more, instead of just using one box (around RM54 last year) for a month for 4 cats, i end up using two boxes (RM104) for a month for 4 cats.

because of the amount i spent, i'm willing to buy a bag of breeder celect to try - i've nothing to loose you see. i started using the 15litre bag and it was realy good. i had lots of wastage initially and i threw away a lot because i was used to the "clumping clay litter" mentality but after i get the hang of it, i find that it is really economical.

a bag of 35litre cost less than two boxes of Arm and Hammer clumping clay litter (strong version for multi-cat household).

so i'm really sold on this product cos i've experienced first hand how good it is. my sis now does not allow me to use any other brand than breeder celect as it'd be like going back to cave age!

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