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winsoncch 11-12-2009 03:43 PM

Urgently Looking For Adopters or Fosterers
Currently we have 1 adult female (mongrel), which has already been spayed and 2 female puppies (4-5months) old urgently looking for fosterers or adopters.

We are actually from Penang and these dogs are previously rescued from the street and rehomed. But unfortunately, the owner move out months later and have no intention to bring them along. When we got to know about it, we tried to find them a new home. The adult female is currently boarding at a pet shop while the 2 female puppies are with a fosterer. However, the fosterer could no longer keep the pups as he has more rescued pups coming in. Therefore we need to find them a home soonest possible.

Here is a bit about the dogs:-

The adult dog, namely Doggie is around 1-2 years old (estimation). She was pregnant when we found her. We managed to get all her puppies adopted and she has been spayed since then. She is friendly, alert, energetic and mix along well with other furry kids as well as people.

The 2 puppies, namely Mocha and Cocoa are a bit shy and timid. They will need more time to warm up with people. Mocha likes to have fun and enjoy playing with other furry kids and always bully her sister, Cocoa, who on the other hand always give in to her sister. They stick to each other all the while and are very close with each other.

These are the pictures of the dogs:-




If you can help to foster or adopt them (or any of them), kindly let me know.

Thank you.

Winson Chew

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