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MyLittleHamster25 02-25-2017 02:17 PM

Why does my hamster spill its food!
Hey guys, sometimes when I pick up my female hamster, she spills the food in her pouches! What is going on???{angry}

coyl 03-05-2017 09:58 AM

Re: Why does my hamster spill its food!
When frighten, they tend to run away and hide first. Once captured, in order to free itself, it will spill out all the contents in its pouch in an effort to make itself even smaller so it can wriggle free and escape. This is normal behavior. This means the hamster is frighten, and have not trust / bond with its owner.

This behavior normally found in Roborovski.

But as yours are Winter Whites. I am very curious why.

Winter Whites will normally scream first, bite and wiggle free.
Syrian will do the same.
Campbells will normally bite first to free itself.

MyLittleHamster25 03-08-2017 09:12 PM

Re: Why does my hamster spill its food!
Ok thanks! My friend had roborovskis before, I picked one them up by the scruff of their neck (I didn't know yet that it was wrong), and he spilled his food. Hmm... my hamster does get angry at me sometimes, but not while I'm handling her.

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