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Default Re: Pet relocation to Australia

Hi everyone! I've completed about 60% of the procedure to export my bulldog to Australia and would like to share my experience and information that I've collected along the way. Hopefully this would be useful to a lot of 'momma's out there too! Bear in mind these are relevant to only CANINES and to export to AUSTRALIA, where the requirements are a whole lot more strict than other countries.

Once you have made up your mind that your pet will be travelling to Australia with you, you will need to decide if your pet is worth the cost. Having the tests, required medical shots and flight + quarantine in Australia can be costly. It will/may total up to RM10k altogether inclusive of a 30days quarantine in Australia (not including any medical attention your pet may need to receive during quarantine yet).

Below is the animal hospital which I had gone to in order to get the rabies shots etc done. Preparation of exporting your pet should start at least 6 months prior to your intention to depart Malaysia. Personally, I had the rabies shot done at another vet first (Gasing Animal Hospital) and it should cost about RM60 or so. I had my dog's rabies shot done in March 2010, and he'll be ready to depart KL in mid-October. After the rabies shot, you will need to wait 30 days (at least) for the vaccine to get into your pets system, after which you can start getting your pets rabies tests done (leading to lab reports etc).

After you have received your lab results from the animal hospital, it's best if you apply the import permit via online as it's alot faster and cheaper. I received my import permit within 3 days of applying. Airfares on MAS Kargo goes by your pets' weight (I think it's RM17 per kg) and its best to start booking their flights as soon as you have your import permit.

The table below basically structures out the step by step process AFTER 30 days of getting your shots done.The cost of moving the pets are quite costly, but after all my research and questions I find it cheaper to do it at the Animal Hospital myself (meaning there'll be a bit of running around to the animal hospital on your part) than going through an agent.

You can contact Nirmala (her contact is below) directly on her mobile, and just a piece of advice - you'll need to call her constantly to remind her.

This is the basic step-by-step procedure that you'll need to go through. It was sent to me by the Animal Hospital. Bear in mind that as I've already had my bullie's rabies shot it was not included in the below.

Please find cost below, which is not inclusive of FREIGHT charges (we need your dog’s cage dimension for this):

Hope this helps everyone!

The contact person at the Animal Hospital:
Niremala Devi Sinniah (Nirmala)
Animal Medical Centre Sdn Bhd - Group of Hospitals
Wisma Medivet, No. 8 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile: +6019 3538645 / Tel: +603 40435113 / 40432420 / Fax: +603 40413660
Skype: Medivet.Nirmala
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