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Default Re: Shame on me... Please lend me a hand...

Wei, Vivi, what laa you....maxis gives free sms maxis? switch to promoting maxis plak!

Originally Posted by vivi View Post

Blackie's mind>>**~~~~~~**~~~~**####@@@~~~~>>Stripes' mind
Stripes says "Ehem!Thank you Blackie. I received ur sms in my mind. Don't forget to pay for the bill of the sms".
Just Kidding.
For real. Let's all help if can and promote Stripes in each of everybodys way. (ngam ke guna perkataan promote?) Ngam sajalah. Just try ur best guys. Good Luck.. If can like Kak anum say, try if can plump up stripes or not and then take his best picture and post up here to melt somebody's heart.
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