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Talking Re: My new little RES need helps....

Hey there, I did reply but somehow the post lost and I didn't realize and I thought you were missing in action

Your baby died? How could that be??? Is it because of the water?? You mentioned the anti-chlorine, yes I know about it but I didn't use it as I told you I prefer organic way or I should say the "old-fashioned way" .

Actually it's not difficult to raise RES, I'm sure you done research yourself knowing the most basic environment for these guys are clean water and a dry basking spot. Honestly, young hatching is vulnerable and you need to be more careful with them. Mine are like the size of 50 sen when I bought them. I only give them pallets and I change many times of water to make sure the water is clean. Back then I was staying with my family and I don't have space for an aquarium. So without the filter, my only option is to keep changing the water whenever it's dirty. Every day I put them under the sun for basking and keep them indoor at night. I put wooden piece in their box for basking so every night I'll wash the boxes and brush the wooden pieces to make sure no fungus. I also will brush their shell. Beware, young baby's shell is soft, only use soft toothbrush to gently brush their shell if you have to. They live in 3 three separate box, I have to separate them because they bite each other. It's a lot of work every night but I quite enjoy it. I also get to see/check them whether they have fungus when I brush them. I only use water that de-chlorine after 3 days, so I don't need de-chlorine drops. BTW, at this moment too I get to see them blink and yawn.

My custom aquarium is 5'x2' which is usually for 1 to 2 adult. I can't afford to have 3 tanks so custom made is the best choice for me and it has slots to separate them. I'll catch some photos show you later. I'll go back to Petsmart for the filter and the UV light because my tank is made base on the design they propose to me which I can put in filter and UV light.

BTW, "How To Train Your RES?", simple, just "rotan" them

Just to cheer you to have more confidence with your new ones, here are some photos of my 2 boys and girl.

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