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Default Re: My new little RES need helps....

Hi vivegbalboa,
As you see, I'm unable to boil water for my huge tank.
I bought 1 pair which are 7 yrs old now and the the last photo, the boy that wink, he is actually adopted from my sister's colleague and he is 6 yrs old now.

I read from some article/forum that it's normal when they are like suddenly jumping into the water, it's one of their usual behaviour as they are alert with the environment. If you feed them everyday, soon they will look into your eyes as they known you as their owner, trust me. I usually feed them boiled chicken in the weekends only and I do believe they know when is the time because usually they don't eat anything in the weekends and wait for the chickens...when it's almost dinner time at 6pm, at 5pm they already start crawling and making noises for the chickens.

I went to Petsmart yesterday to buy the water pump. And I got a mini water pump (attached photo) and some sponge for the filter, that's all. I though I'll need to spent a lot for the filter system but actually no need. You have other fish aquarium right? Do you have any filter system for your other aquariums? May I ask you one idiot question, is it all types of water pump use for aquarium are inside the water? I mean it looks kinda know...the wire are in the water...anything runs electric and stay in water sounds a bit scary to me, is it safe? I will go again to pick up my UVA/UVB light as they will find me a light holder 5' long for my aquarium. I was lucky when I went there, I actually met an uncle who is the one that build aquariums and he also advice me a lot. He shown me they have UVA/UVB lights for reptiles and it includes heat also.

Attach a photo of my tank. The pump I got will go into the vertical section on right and the sponge will put in the horizontal section next to it. See the slots at front glass? It's to separate them and it's flexible. Occasionally I can let them swim around . The below part is empty because I don't like the wooden stand (p/s it's very expensive too) The whole tank is made with thick glass, like 1cm thick. It cost me 1k++ which I think it's reasonable as it's make of thick glass, I can't even move it a bit, toooooooo heavy

If you got time, try this website

If you keep your babies outdoor make sure you provide a place allow them to hide from the heat, don't overheat them. Now the whether is a bit cold, be careful not to let them catch cold. Don't worry lah, as long as they eat, swim and poop they are perfectly fine. Once they're not eating and keep on sleeping, immediately to the VET.

p/s: thank you for the info you shared, I'll keep that in mind.
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