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Default Re: My new little RES need helps....

Hi vivegbalboa, I have 3 RES and they are 7-8 years old now. Yes, they do need clean water and sun light for basking which is good for their shell. I use to live in condo where there are direct sunshine for them everyday but only for 1 to 2 hours because the water will become hot under the sun. Recently I've moved to an apartment and there are no sun light direct into my house. So I have to switch to UVB light and according to the pet store adviser, UVB light has to be turn on at least 12 hours a day for your RES to get all the vitamins and heat they need. From my past experience, my little baby not eat, not moving and keep his eyes close, I brought him to VET and found that he actually had cold. After 2 shots of medicine from the VET, he is now 7 years old. All kinds of reptile will show the same symptoms when they are sick, stop eating, less activity and keep their eyes close all the time. I think you should bring them to the VET. Unfortunately you cannot simply bring them to any VETS that treat cats & dogs, I went to Animal Medical Centre at KL (, the VET can advice you better on how to take care of your RES babies. if you have any other list of VETS I suggest you to call and check whether they have doctors for reptile.

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