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Default Re: Hari Raya Gathering for Petfinder

Originally Posted by AndyKoh
Hi Din,

That's a really good idea! It'd be fun to meet up with our animal lover friends over the hari raya celebrations.

Maybe you can first discuss with june and the rest on who to host the open house, then we'll make an announcement here to invite members over.

I don't think there need to be any serious guidelines for the gathering, most important is for everyone to have fun and get to know the others better. Maybe the host can request that each person bring some food to contribute to the open house too, and even invite some cat lovers to bring along their cute kitties to socialize with their feline friends?

Please keep me updated on how things go
Originally Posted by Ezer
I think it's a good idea... you should just post up a thread about it... and then ppl can discuss.. prob need someone to have an open house that everyone can go to...
Untuk infomasi, this gathering will have the support of our founder..Mr.Andy and Ezer...

So everyone not considering any race, can come and join this ever first PetFinder officials gathering.You can bring along kids, hubbies, wifes, friends and anyone...from anywhere North, South, East and Peninsular...

First we have to get the most important suggestion for the :

DATE : Open for suggestion

TIME : Open for suggestion

VENUE : Open for suggestion

$$$ HOW MUCH PER PERSON : Open for suggestion

COMMITTEE : Open for sugestion

The committee will be collecting the Fees, Arranging Venue and Foods & Beverages and other arrangements if possible...
Maybe we can do it even after the Hari Raya month and we can name the Gathering something else...just to have proper ample time in organizing it..

So, lets everyone put some efforts here in giving some ideas and suggestions to make this gathering a much unforgetable ones...and gather as ' ONE BIG FAMILY ' Animal Lover of

Please put in your Name / Nick if you're interested to participate...

1. June
2. Penghulu

Your suggestion...

1.Any place, any time, but prefer penghulu

[ just Quote for reply, put in your name / nick and submit post ok... ]