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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

First of all this is what happen when you send your pet to a witch doctor to do the spaying. I always believe all veterinary job shud be done by a qualify vet. A pet shop shud focus on their retailing & a vet to his professional veterinary service.

I think this forum member shud expose this so call kitty mill cum veterinary to prevent other innocent ppl into sending their poor pets to maybe their last journey to the so call vet.

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
I want to add on to this....

I read from somewhere that a forum member here took her cat to this pet supplies shop for spaying. The owner had listed "simple surgery like spaying or neutering" as one of its services. The spaying job was badly done, the sutures ripped opened.

She took her cat back, and the cat was boarded for 5 days at extra charges. Then, she was told the cat has to be boarded for another week. She didn't want that, as she was getting real worried about her cat. She said she would go and pick up the cat herself from the "clinic" where the pet shop owner had sent her cat.

Imagine her shock when she saw the looked more like a breeding centre than a clinic.

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