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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by ashleywong View Post
hi khengteik

hey, don't be afraid lah...

come join in the conversation.

well.. as of now, i'm not participating in anymore issues regarding any organizations or animal welfare group... this is because i feel that however i try to help in bringing up issues or giving logical and workable solutions, some quarters just do not like it... so its best to keep my knowledge to myself and keep my bloody big mouth shut.

anyways, back to pet shops issue, if i were to list down the petshops that i feel are just trying to make a quick buck or petshops that i think are back yard breeders supporters or even back yard breeders, 8 out of 10 pet shops that i have went to falls into one of these categories.

Have anyone tried going into pet shops when they are about to close? seriously the sight of it makes me wanna burn some of those shops down... Since there is enough cubicles to put all the dogs, u do not understand why some pet shops needs to remove the dogs from the cubicles, put them in small cages which are stacked up together like Eiffel Tower in a small room... the sound of those dogs whining when they see anyone walk pass is very disheartening...
There are also a few quite old pet shops at USJ that are even worse... (i guess they have been around quite some time as their advertisement board at the shop also badly faded already) imagine big breed dogs being put in a small cage... the cage is only like 1.5times bigger then the dog... yes, the dog can still turn its body around.. but it is in the cage 24/7.... not to mention the stench of the place.... damn bloody disgusting.....
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