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Default Re: Dog Kidnapped From Sri Hartamas Petronas Station

The so-called ''dog rescuer'', one ''JS Sim'', has been playing a
cat-and-mouse game with me, refusing to let me know my dog's

Pretending to be some ''great hero'' or ''guardian angel'', going around
anywhere he liked saving ''animals in distress'' and finding ''new homes''
for them.

Tresspassng into private business premises, grabbing the dog without
first asking the petrol station's owner or employees' permission/consent,
let alone asking whether anyone owned the dog, then scooting off just
like that with it against its will.

He then hid it, refusing to disclose its whereabouts, before giving
it away without a care in the world to a stranger.

Effectively, under the Penal Code, he has committed :

1. Criminal tresspass

2. Theft

3. Concealment and disposal of stolen property

The dog licence had been applied for on Bandaraya's E-Dog system
and is under my name.

Legally, I am the owner.

I am now trying to track him down before contemplating legal action
against him and the woman which he gleefully gave it away to.
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