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Default Re: Cat Litter and Cat Boxes

Hi Vivipl

i do agree with June, it's a resounding yes. all my own cats and all the cats i rescued and rehomed (although no where near June's efforts) are litter-box trained.

Cats are easy to train as it is part of their instinct to dig a hole for their toilet needs and then to cover up later .

lynie's article makes a great read and it offers lots of information and tips.

the duration for training a cat - depends on the cat itself and also depends to a large degree on how interesting or scary you make the training (in my opinion). also if your cat is outdoor cat (but you'd like to litter-box train him for his own safety and for good neigbhourly relations), maybe it might take slightly longer (than indoor cat) to train.

but as long as litter material is okay to them (to them, not to you as they'd be using it more than you), not toxic or unsafe ingredients, contains no fragrance or perfume (as far as possible since cat's smell is keen and may be irritated by additional of chemical perfume), the cat will use it.

a domesticated mother cat will teach her kittens to use the litter box so kittens that are only rehomed/adopted out after the 2 months period (8 weeks) will be litter-box trained (of course well-adapted to deal with human beings too). if you have a rescue nursing cat, the cat will teach her kitten how to use the litter box. if you rescue motherless kittens, when the kittens are able to defecate on their own, you can train the kittens to use the litter box.

above all else, don't make it a stressful or fearful experience for the cat / kitten - they tend to associate behaviour/event/action with good or bad emotion. they will avoid all association with bad emotions (fear, stress, danger,) even if they don't understand it.

was it you who asked whether it was possible to train a rabbit to use litter box?
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