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Default Re: Autoimmune disorder in cats - advice needed!

Me? Six months strict treatment and I am fine now..without any steroid needed.. But only God knows what will happen next.. If my mum is like you, thinking of the possibilty/effects that you dun know whether it will attack your cat or not..I dun think I am well rite now..

Give it a shot tho.. Treat one by one.. And dun give her up...She is just unlucky.. I think that is the best way for the situation rite now...

AS for administering med.. give her some sort of promise.. like what I did with my kitties.. I put on the table, the B complex vitamin which they love most.. Give him one before administering the pills, then wrap him up tightly in with a towel.. then... grab his head to open up his mouth and put the pill as far as possible so that the bubbles will not come out... After that, give him water... Finally, I du forget to treat him the vitamin that I promise him... And the administering will be easier and easier by time..

I dun mean to be harsh..if you love your kitty..try your best.. There's always a way... She will be well soon... AS I said..not all autoimmune is deadly ... and every human body or animals body will react differently to the steroid.. So forget about the long time effect now, focus on the things happening NOW... and then when she is well..try to cut the med one by one... I dun think your vet would suggest she will be on pills for the rest of her life ait?..
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