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Default PetFinder Hari Raya Gathering - Oct 19th

Pakcu,klu tak nak cxl,saya tak nak amik tanggungjawab utk uruskan benda org lain buat.biar durang rasa mcm mana dibodoh bodohkan jap cxl jap dtg.saya lepas tangan.saya bayar datang dan makan je.

Originally Posted by abgraldo View Post
Dont cancel yet June. Let me coaxing some of my friends to join. I on the other hand confirmed to attend with 2 friends. Do the head count now, i guess it's still more than 20 despite some cancelling.

We are very lucky to have a gathering in a hotel for only 25.00 and im sure not going to miss that. The place is convenient either by LRT or driving, more private and better menu. Dont forget, we have lucky draw too.

Come !! Join this Raya Gathering!!
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