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Default Re: Where is the best Malay food?

Originally Posted by illa79 View Post
hi its me again..

lynie,blackie u may also want to try out Restoran Santai at Tesco Ampang/TTDI..if im not mistaken they have a few branches but i've only been to the 2 above.I love their Ikan Siakap Kerabu it,love it,love it..

another place worth checking out is Restoran Suraya at Kampung Baru..good food,reasonable price..they also have kerang bakar,mee celup,nasi air..

oops..another place is Kel Food (stands for Kelantan Food) near tmn melati,along MRR2 heading towards Gombak..its the same row as Hj Samuri Sate Kajang.a bit pricey,but good selection of lauk for nasi campur..expect a full hse on weekends during lunch.i like their nasi the mornings they have all sorts of dishes from kuih to nasi kerabu,nasi dagang etc..
Thanks so much, Ila. Food really cheers me up......(ooops, I sound both gluttony and frivolous at the same time). Wow, now I have so many places to try out... yum-yum.......siakap kerabu mangga, mee celup, nasi air, nasi kerabu, nasi daging......(my hubby is drooling over kerang bakar...heehee)

I know where is Hj Samuri along the MRR2.....Kel Food got lekor or not? I love lekor, bought lots of it and the daging floss when I went to Terengganu/Lake Kenyir for holiday.

Originally Posted by June View Post
Blackie,I think the one in kampung baru I mentioned is Restoran Soraya.he!!he!he!! I forgot the name I recalled after reading Ila's post. The restaurant was recommeded by my chef husband,ahem!!
haha, kak june......ok, now, I can thank you for the information...Wow, recommended by your chef husband, that means must go.....
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