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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Dear all,
can we stop the fighting?
for past one to two month there is nothing going on but fighting and fighting from mouth to mouth.
If each and everyone of u did experience such and such thing from spca that u r not satisfy, u can write a complain letter or look for person yang berkaitan and ask for the answer.
Kak Num already did explain and try to settle things one by one, so why wanna to keep rising certain issue and keep rising example for her.
If really got problem, i'm sure she'll gladly try her best to clear the misundertanding.
Dimb and furkid, before Kak num work in spca in ampang even u two admire her and respect her but when she start work in spca, i've notice that she's been shoot and shoot many times.
her goal from the day we all know her until now i believe i still the same
' to save and give all strays a loving home'.
so issue 1
adoption fees are quite high for local strays.
kak num did mention she'll have a look and try to settle this problem.
issue 2
adoption fees paid but full vaccination or neutering/spaying not yet done.
Kak num also did mentioned she'll do her bet to settle.
y don u all give her a chance ler.
baru berapa lama dia sandang jawatan ini?
i don mean i fully respect and support spca but i believe and fully respect kak num's goal.

Kak Num,
I am the one usually do the talking also and seldom do such experience by myself but from the first day i know u, i believe u'll only do the best for those lovely animals.
I salute u!!!!!!!!!!!
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