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Default Kittens: Hand over to SPCA or rehome them myself?

I saved 3 stray kittens separately and now I'm trying to find them good homes. I can't keep them as living arrangements and conditions make it hard for me to care for them well.

I contacted SPCA Melaka vice president and she said she's willing to take all 3 in. Today a student texted me saying he/she's interested in adopting the kittens.

My first choice was to give the kittens into the care of SPCA seeing that the possible adopter is a secondary school student. I don't want them to end up back on the streets.

But then I start thinking about the chances of the kittens being adopted in SPCA. I was told by the v.p that currently there are 130 cats in their shelter. With that many cats would my kittens ever get adopted?

Please offer some advice :(
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