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Default Re: HELP! Newbie question on cat food for Persian cat.

Originally Posted by nhannahnasir View Post
Thank you so much for your replies, Rayquaza17 (correct me if I'm wrong, but are you a Pokemon fan?) and Maneki Neko.

Acana seems reasonably priced at RM20/kg but does it come in hairball control?

My aunt advised me earlier today that regardless of the pet food, we should make some effort to buy hairball control formula because there might be complications otherwise.

She also mentioned that the ProDiet cat food which we are feeding her is og good quality, but I have yet to check the ingredients (when my dad bought it, they repacked it into another bag as a sample pack). Tried to Google their ingredients for myself but couldn't find much information about it. All I know is that it is apparently Malaysian and, call me paranoid, but I'm skeptical about Malaysian-quality pet food.
Yes, I am a Pokemon fan for years and now still is :D To be say least, I am a gamer XD

About the Acana, I am not sure but they re-pack it per kg per kg. Normal shop outside you find 400g for Rm 18++ so I figured that 1 kg for Rm 20 is quite reasonable
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