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Default Re: Spaying / Neutering

Hmm.. sounds more like bonding issues than true aggressive behaviour (examples of true aggressive behaviour is a bunny who bites its owner without any reason, growls when its owner tries to pet it, etc)

Rabbits need time to accept another rabbit into their territory. They need to go through a bonding process and they must be introduced to each other in a neutral territory (i.e. some area where neither rabbit has been before). The bonding process can take up to months with certain rabbits.

Before attempting to bond a pair of rabbits, it is best if both rabbits have been fixed. Smelling the hormones in one of the rabbits can cause the other rabbit to react negatively.

Buttons wanted to kill Yohji when I tried to introduce them prior to their spay & neuter. She had a 'mad dog' look in her eyes and only wanted to attack him. I stopped bonding after that and waited til they had undergone their surgeries. After they healed from their surgeries, they bonded in less than 2 weeks.

I'm going to wait til Hans has been neutered before introducing him to the duo. Fingers crossed it goes well.

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