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Default Re: Potty Training

Positive re-enforcement training really did the trick with my pup. I only brought her back for 1 week and she already knows she needs to pee poo in the toilet. (But i still not very confident if she is a 100% potty safe)

It took some time and effort (which i have, since i'm on summer holidays) but it's worth it

What i did was, I place a wee wee pad in the designated place (in this case the toilet). I wanted to use newspapers at first, but because my pup's a schnauzer, she have hair inbetween her paws, so the she ends up stepping on the pee and walk all over the house

The best time to try to let the pup pee poo is
- morning, after meals (aprox 10 mins later), after play time, after naps
during this time, walk the pup to the toilet n ask them to wee wee when they step on the wee wee pad/newspaper

if she dont, then continue playing with the pup for aprox 10 min then walk them to the toilet again.

if she wee or poo then praise her quietly until she finish. When she is done praise her lavishly and give her a treat

do that everytime she wee n poo at the correct place. Dont scold if they do it in the wrong place. just clean up and spray with deodorant (non ammonia base)

Now my puppy understand the concept, and after she pee n poo in the toilet, she will wait for the tasty treat beside me after i praise her
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