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Unhappy Re: SOS : Cats and Kittens need rescue

Originally Posted by ashleywong View Post
Hi All

an update to this thread. pls note there is a "stand-down" to the alert crisis

with more news coming in from a volunter member ,

the cats were not taken away during a raid by authority officers.

the cats were kicked out by their self-appointed foster mom.

seems like this foster mom has not been taking good care of the orphan cats resulting in neigbhouring shop owners scolding her, therefore she kicked out the cats.

we still need volunteers to foster the orhan cats -they are kittens actually.

supposed to be a few more cats around but they were not seen by the volunteer when she went there this late morning.

for those of you who are keen enough to extend your help by fostering the kittens, we thank you in advance

you can contact either ashleywong or pawprints through thsi forum, this thread or PM to us


awww poor kitties..!! do u have pics of them....??
(Meow MurMurs~)
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