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Default Spay/neuter incision wound

Originally Posted by dog is my buddy View Post
Since everyone have lazy habit click the blog was link, I copy the picture show you how the sutures condition. I don't want to seem rude, I can said Oh my god! that I had to keep watch it few time, I beliave this cat really in pain.
Originally Posted by azris View Post
thanks for sharing the photo...the cat must really be in pain.... it's totally different from the one i saw on my cat...the suture was only about one inch and healed very fast..... lucky for me as my vet in shah alam did a very good job...
Yes, Azris, you are right!

You people call this a vet's handiwork? OMG! In my spay/neuter experience where my cats and the strays were done by a competent vet surgeon, when I got home and inspected the wound, it was so finely done and neat that I really had to search to find where the incision was. It was a very faint pink hairline not more than 1 inch and even the stitches were hardly noticeable.
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