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Talking Re: Want to adopt gp

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Salam Pjud,

Congratulations on your new GP.
However I must stressed that you must be a responsible pet owner.
Not just pelihara for the fun of it.
Please don't buy the cheap pellet or even feed your GP with rabbit pellet eventhough some idiots kata boleh. Its a big NO...NO!
Ensure that your GP has enough Vit C in their diet as they need lots and lots of Vit C to stay healthy and strong.
You can feed them with alfalfa hay or timothy hay.
Either one will do.
Please change their diet everyday.
E.g. Morning you bagi makan hay.
Petang you bagi makan fresh veggies like carrots, cabbage, buncis
Next day change again e.g. apple, daun pandan, kangkung
This is what I do for my GP
I used to give pellet but now no more as I believe in giving fresh fruits and vege is the best.
Also you kena beli Lysinc+ Vit C and put a few drops in their drinking water.
Good Luck!

orite got it kak! lg pon kt sni ade my fren sister yg bela gp and breed jgk tp just for her self only...later got some info from her about Lysinc+ Vit C n put few drops inside the water can ye?sbb ade terbaca kt webpage/forum len dorg ckp better dun taruk Lysinc+ Vit C inside the water feeder botle... ley akk xplain lg?bout the vit C
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