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Talking Re: Want to adopt gp

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Selama akk bela GP memang akk letak Lysinc+Vit C.
Sekiranya you bagi kurang Vit C, Lysinc + Vit C ni will act as a supplement for your GP. It will provide all the nutrients that it needs sekiranya makanan yang you bagi tu kurang Vit C.
Satu lagi Lysinc nie akan boost up your GP punya immune system and keep it healthy always.
My sugar glider pun minum nie.
You just need to put 2 to 3 drops inside their bottle.
Even my cats minum Apple Vinegar Cider.
A few drops in their water will keep fleas away naturally, improve their digestive system, get rid of kidney stones dan lain lain.

owhh ok got it jgk..hehe thx a lot kak..nnt pjud cri lysinc +vit c ni k..thx a lot..latter t pjud up date lg ok...
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