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Default Things to do immediately after your dog is stolen

1. Check to make sure your dog is actually stolen. Make sure he/she is not out with a family member, in the back yard, or hiding somewhere unusual.

2. IMMEDIATELY call your local law enforcement agency to make a report. Do this before anything else. Unfortunately, taking reports for stolen dogs is not law enforcement’s top priority, but insist that they take a report. If they get several reports in a particular area, then that probably indicates that there is a theft ring in that area.

3. If your dog was stolen in an area that you think is CCTV such as a mall parking lot, go to the manager of the mall and request a copy of the video.

4. Post your dog’s photo and videos on YouTube, MySpace and and with an announcement that it is stolen and the particulars of the theft.

5. The next thing is to assemble a SEARCH TEAM. Speed is ESSENTIAL. People will help you, but they need to know that your dog is missing and what he looks like. You need to tell everybody that your dog is stolen as fast as you can – the more people that know, the sooner they know, the better your chances are of recovery. You can, of course, do this all yourself. But you likely will become overwhelmed and emotionally drained quickly.

Get as many people as you can to help – but you need two people to help you immediately.

The first person will go to the area immediately where your dog was stolen to see if there were any witnesses or suspicious activity. Give him a photo of your dog. Tell him to show it to everyone he speaks to and ask if anyone saw or heard anything unusual, including strange vehicles, work crews, people, or activities. He should get as detailed descriptions as possible and write down everything they tell him.

The second person will go get supplies and also copy the flyers (after you’ve filled in the specifics) and log sheets (more later).
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