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Setuju sangat2.. I kesian, not only 2 Kak Nurul but the son, hari tuu lif rosak dengan anak2 dia kena kerah turun bawah tolong.. so kesian, they have to climb up and down..

I highly suggest Kak nurul open order only for them/ppl that she trusted and buy in full (1 bag) . Nak sharing cari kawan2 sesama sendiri.. Ingat senang nak timbang !

Betul kata Kak June bila kita dah seronok bercerita kadang2 terlupa timbang dah sampai berapa kilo.. kira yang kurang timbang there is also yang terlebih timbang then kak nurul pulak yang kena tanggung rugi yang tuu tak nak pulak cita..

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Salam To All....

I regret to say this but with effect from this month onwards, I will only be selling Blackwood to my regular and old timer friends ONLY. Reason being ... of this accusation made by Marini :-

2- Blackwood yang Kak Nurul jual selalu kurang dari nilai timbangan sebenar. (Contoh: Kalau beli 5kg, kurang 500grm.. bla..bla..bla..) - Saya jumpa 2 orang yang sedar tentang ini, anyone out there realise this?
3- Blackwood & litter sand kak nurul jual tak murah. Saya beli di pet shop Pet Buddy Station, Taman Megah jauh lebih murah. Dan lebih convenience. (Ini hujah saya untuk mena dakwaaan bahawa Kak nurul menjual bukan kerana keuntungan, tapi kerana membantu warga PF lain.)

Please refer to this link

I am fed up of HELPING people buying Blackwood at afforable prices. If you feel that I am CHEATING you and you can GET CHEAPER PRICE, please buy directly from the pet shop directly or go to Marini directly as she can help you.

Also... I do NOT WANT people coming to my house on FALSE PRESENCE intending to buy Blackwood but is there to SPY on the way I rear my cats. You HAVE NO RIGHT whatsoever to do so. For this people you are NOT WELCOME to my house.

For those who say I CHEAT THEM with the weight... GO AND BUY FROM THE PET SHOP TOO as you ARE NO LONGER WELCOME.

I have been doing this for almost 3 years now... and I am really FED UP with all the 'karena' of the people buying... already got cheap prices and yet demand so MUCH.

Thank you.
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