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Originally Posted by smfan View Post
I came across a lady who tell me of her bad encounter with the vets of SPCA last Sunday. Well she was utterly surprised by the response of the vet when she seek their help. The lady called SPCA to assist her to catch a distressed stray female dog who has just delivered and was thinking that SPCA would help to relief her distress and she would take her back (Maybe boarding at SPCA for only one night as it was a Sunday) The SPCA staff did not offer any suggestion to help but they seem to be irritated by public compassion. She was shocked that they will only help with a condition that the caller does not interfere with what SPCA will do to the female dog when they bring her back. The lady specified that she will take the female dog back if the vet could help this distressed dog to be taken to SPCA first. It so obvious that SPCA have the thought of putting her to sleep.
I hope you will not be offended with what I am going to write and I believe a lot of people will be on my side. The expertise of the vets there are questionable. Its seem that they are only good in putting a dog to sleep,spaying and giving booster jabs. They need to go for refresher course. They can’t give solutions to help a distress animal other than telling public that their normal practice is to put a distress animal TO SLEEP
Hello Smfan,

Firstly, it will be nice if the lady herself could post whatever is, she encountered with whoever is at SPCA. How true is this post, i do not know.

Why always pass the burden to SPCA? And when rejected (not attending to the needs) such a big huuuuu... haaaaa.... here and there.

Logically, the lady could be more responsible to take care of the dog and her litters herself. Rescuing takes a lot of work ya. Not only fetching and then dumping into a shelter. A true animal lovers who knew what is going on in SPCA should or could have come more often to foster and re home the animals from the shelters.

In this case, she could have foster the dog herself or find a better solution for a bitch which has just given birth to puppies. A SHELTER IS NOT A PLACE FOR PREGNANT OR "JUST GIVEN BIRTH BITCHES". A distress dog will be more distress to be in a shelter. Peace and quiet is all they need. She will be miserable and as good as we don't take her in at all.

WHY? We have more than 250 abandoned dogs in the shelter. It is not safe for a pregnant nor a nursing bitch to be in a shelter. SHE DESERVES BETTER. Think of the safety... mummy and puppies... don't you think it is risking their lives? Its as good as sending them to meet their creator... Get what I mean? Fights happen in shelters...

Yeah! We do not have special space for them. WE ARE A SHELTER.... NOT A BOARDING CENTER... That's it... In the past, most people said, THEY ARE BOARDING AND THEN NEVER TURN UP.... EVER.... Anyways, if her real intention was to board, why come to SPCA and not to A BOARDING CENTER... what was her real intention? To dump? She could just said, " OK I'LL TAKE HER ELSEWHERE FOR BOARDING" There are lots of vet / boarding center open especially on SUNDAYS... If she had asked, SPCA will definitely refer her to a lot of good vets who also board animals...

By the way, yes our vets in SPCA only neuter, vaccinate / booster and euthanize animals (not proud of it at all). We are not a clinic.... only those 3 for the shelter animals day in and day out... none stop... have you ever seen them sitting down and do nothing? What else do you expect them to do? Bake cookies? or smile and laugh when people walking in to dump?

You said, Their expertise is questionable.... are you a vet? How many have you neuter or vaccinate... THIS STATEMENT IS UNCALLED FOR... Think! They too have HELPED those animals which survived and kept in the shelter for years.... YOU DON'T KNOW THIS, RIGHT? NOW I AM TELLING YOU...


I've asked once, please post your address and contact number here, in PF for us SPCA to deliver the abandoned animals straight to your door... so far no reply...


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