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Default Re: Petster Billboard Photoshoot Gallery

Hahaha FurKids, your time will come. Before you know it, you find why are the prints so small nowadays. And you keep reading at arms' length.
Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Reading glasses, aaarrrr? Waaaaah, Cookie ... so up close and personal wan ahh???? Nanti Ezer geli laaaarr ........
... aaarrr very de danger wan, Cookie ... before we know it nanti you will be asking for magnifying glass lak ... wakakakakakaaaaa!!!!
Thanks for the suggestion, Ezer sweetheart. If I wear contact lenses, I would look so beautiful that all the young hunks will fall in love with me including FurKids. How? I'll carry on with my reading glasses and give all the young girls a chance. But whatever it is, you are still my cutesy Ezer - forever. *hugs*
Originally Posted by Ezer View Post
Cookie needs contact lenses...
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