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Default Re: How to manage cat fur.


Adam is a persian, yaya is a DSLH *domestic semi longhair*

why do they need to 'bius' your cat ?

is he/she very fierce ? My cat was awake when they did it.

I was there, watching their furrs being shaved

they only 'meow' a little to complain, but they didnt struggle

the doc was very gentle and of course they are very confidence with him, being their regular vet.
I pun tak pasti why. My cat tak garang sgt. Infact hari tu I nak hantar for grooming jek, and potong some matted hair, but the vet called and cakap nak kena shave sebab dah teruk sangat. I ingat tak lah seteruk tu. But I agree. Bila time nak ambil, dia inform about the bius and the full charges.

Anyway, my other cat, Oreo, bulu dia dah mula matted sikit dan kuning. So I dah call your vet, and they confirmed Rm 60. Then I called a nearer pet shop in Subang, and they also charge Rm 60 for long hair. Hari ni he will be Lion King.
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