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Default Re: Encouraged the public to lodge reports if you "Suspect" knew of any Bogus Vets.or Petshop Fake V

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
June, I agree. Like you, Clement, and many other PF members, I've been following the stories in the paper (and the horror stories on Petfinder ).

This is our chance to do something positive to make a change.

I saw the thread about a program to spay/neuter pets at low cost only after the administrator had closed it, but I want to add a related comment here: It made me extremely nervous that the name of the vet performing the surgeries in that program seemed to be a secret. I was especially unhappy to see that kind of secrecy here on Petfinder after we've read of members whose cats have suffered and died after surgery by someone who was not a qualified vet.
Each one of these horror stories about bungled surgery by uncertified 'vets' makes it more difficult to encourage people to spay/neuter their pets. Pet-lovers especially need to promote transparency in the veterinary practice! Not secrecy.
they also advertise in ym status. Guess they want to go big also. Suspicious, it's more to clique plan kinda idea..

Yet. I think your clinic kembiri has given out lower price with qualified vet right.. they should go for that . Like me, as I said, here it's expensive..and just did lancing for one of my picked up stray..cost me nearly RM200 just to remove the boil.

As for me, I am not only searching for qualified vet, I also search for an experience and with good reputation. It goes back to the owner, if you want short-cuts, do not even bother to have any pet. Imagine, you are sending your children to do minor surgery to a nobody..and do it at their house... That's remind me of a CSI series where the boy died straight away ( in a shop store ) as the so called doc wrongly diagnosed and just threw the body away.. More or less like that one ler..
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