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Default Re: Cat Suckling Study Psychological Effects

Originally Posted by June View Post
... tp so far none of my cats yg suka suck jari/baju etc. Mgkn sebab ada ibu. Tp dulu my late Ranggi aku jumpa dia msh kecik lg. Jalan pun msh goyang goyang. Dia suka hisap jari aku Siap ada bunyi bunyi lagi. Pasal dia terpisah dgn ibu dia waktu dia kecik sangat.
Yes, same here. All my cats that grew up with mom and had the luxury of comfort nursing (some up to the age of 6 months because I managed to spay the mothers to ensure that the moms would not get pregnant again and reject their nursing kittens). These lucky cats of mine would just sit and purr loudly as they lay on you while you stroke them, but none of them suckle or chew my shirts. That really shows how important it is not to separate kittens from mama at a young age.

I have watched sadly as pregnant moms hiss at their own bewildered kittens when they had rushed up to their mommies to suckle and manja as they had always done. Kesian betul ... and some of them had been only about 2 months old ... poor things!

Food and water alone are not enough. There is more than mere physical development. Like humans, we must not forget the psychological and emotional needs and development of the kittens.
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