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Default Re: Cat Suckling Study — Psychological Effects

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Hahahaa! Kasih, nasib baik dekat bahu yg basah bukan kat tetek, aku punyer boboy sometimes dive in dan hisap aku punyer tetek (pandai lak dia cari!) dan basahkan my shirt. Cepat-cepat tukar baju takut nanti orang pikir dis guy "kinky samtiang rong" dan pikir macam-macam lak! ... and no auntie will let her daughter marry me .... ...

Hey kawan, I like your quote mucho la: ""No heaven will not ever Heaven be unless my cats are there to welcome me."

I will enter the Gates of Heaven and let everyone knock me down flat as they all jump on top of me and gomol me with joy ...

hashahaha I was like.. haih.. aku confuse.. Ini FK Tom cat ke Katie cat.... tiba2 kucing suckling dekat situ..hahaha I reread.. baru dapat tangkap gender si bapak kucing..

Ya la..tukar signature.. sebab sedih la.. feels incomplete ler.. yet recovering after went to play with those at the shelter.. Now, talk about animal therapy kan..... That would be my definition of heaven.. ~~grin and imagining bulus bulus with the round fluorescent thingy on the heads and maybe small white wings...kekekeke**
Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance.~Harry Lorayne
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