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Default Re: Pure Breed British Shorthair

Originally Posted by Izan287 View Post
I looked thru but can't find xysnic....Tapi I jumpa 2 other person yg ada, also thru web. One is asking for 2K, another is ready to part with the kitten for 2.5K. Rasanya both takde papers. Also, I found one breeder yg letak 6K. This one is certified frm TICA......Semua kitty tu akn boleh ambil bila umur 3 months.

Huk aloh haiiii! Pikir2 balik, mcm nak give up je BSH ni. But I have fallen in luv with one for so many years dah. Suka tgok muka dia yg lebar mcm teddy bear tu escp the blue BSH
Hi, Izan!

I don't think many reputable breeders would list their cats for sale in places like Mudah, and certainly wouldn't sell them thru pet shops. My advice: start going to cat shows. Walk around. Look at the cats, and talk to the breeders. Listen to what the judges say.

Good, responsible breeders have few litters of kittens. They don't just churn out kittens for money -- they care about the health and well-being of their cats and of the breed. They place their cats and kittens in new homes very carefully. They want to know something about you, not just whether you'll hand over a big chunk of money. They provide you with the cat's pedigree certificate and health records.

You can learn a lot about cats by going to the cat shows and wandering about, but you can also get a good sense of who is a reputable breeder and who is less so. :-) Good luck!
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