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Default Re: Shame on you MyPet Distributer - USJ10 Subang Jaya

The latest unpleasant incident with MYPet Dictributors happened just 3 hours ago when I called in to fix an appointment to have my dog groomed for the 6th time with this shop.

It is my practice to go personally to the shop a day ahead to inform that I'll be sending my dog in the next day and have always been told that there is no appointment needed, just bring it in. But the last time around, a personnel at the desk specifically jotted in the book my contact number and time that I'll be sending in my dog.
The shop opened at 10.30am, I sent my pet in at 10.55 while they were still removing the last rib of the shutter system.
However, by 4.30pm, there was still no phone call for me to collect my dog. My husband then called to enquire about the progress and was told that they will be finishing the job in about half an hour. Not convinced, my husband then drove over to the shop only to discover that that they have just taken my dog out of the cage to start work. I was able to collect her only after 5.30pm.

When I brought up this incident to them today and ask them what time can I collect my dog this time around, they were ambiguous. When further queried about what caused the delay the last time, I was given a very curt and irresponsible answer. This was the answer : Whatever it is, I've got a customer right now. We'll talk about it tomorrow when you send your dog in."What made it worse was that it was delivered in an irritated and impatient fashion.
This is the limit. I wasn't even yelling or screaming - just checking and the entire call duration lasted only 1 minute.
I'll NEVER go back there again for any of my dogs' supplies or grooming service (if you can call it SERVICE). I have been made to feel that they are doing me a great favour instead.
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