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Cool Re: Shame on you MyPet Distributer - USJ10 Subang Jaya

Hi Trinity ,
Thanks for your sharing .

Dear all friends ,
Trinity was right and myself have bad experience With this pet shop too.
I am once have decided to send my 2 fur kids there for grooming and luckily I
Call off after I saw that situation . Two of my furkids is very friendly pet and they love to groom every time when I bring them to groom. Howver , when the very first time I brought them to that shop , they refusing to enter the room no matter how hard I am try to pull them . I wonder why then I saw how rude is the maid treat a cat and that cat makes a very pity sounds of crying .
Then I immediately cancel and brought them back .
Well, I did not stop visiting them to buy dog food until they sold me an expired dog food . My furkids have virus infection after consuming their dog food and send to hospital for 3 day 2 night total cost RM3,500++.
Well , I thanks god that my furkids still survive but seeing her suffering from this bad owner behavior makes me very angry !! He could have kill my furkids !!
Doctor have tested my dog food and they said it was a spoiled dog food .
I am then went back to that shop and argue with the shop owner.
Guess what , the owner is even RUDE !!! He did not apologies the incident and he blame the manufacturer and ask my lease with manufactuer by my own !
The point is , u sell it to me !! I know it might not be his fault but what if he aware the expired dog food and salesman sell him cheap ?
After all , one of his workers run out to me and apologize . That worker told me that I am not the first one to complain about their food ... And the workers advice me not to send my furkids to them too .
So pets owner , think widely before u give them business .
I will never return to that shop again !!!
I always believe peoples attract people . How the maid react is how the owner does too !!!
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